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About this idea
There are several companies, projects, and scattered articles that help with different aspects of career advancement but they tend to be general and disjointed, Spire will take a holistic approach to this issue and tackle it head-on by providing not only visibility into career paths but also all the resources associated with advancement by using great UX to engage designers in the long run, fresh data from vetted sources as well as large data sets from market trends and AI analysis that can help to expedite job discovery and alignment.
Product designers, UX-UI designers that aspire to advance their careers in particular at mid to large-size companies.
What I'll do with $5,000
I intend to use the $5000 to create an initial prototype of the curriculum and pay for high-quality resources to be hosted in a web application Some of those associated costs will go to a small marketing campaign as well as associated operation costs to keep the web application running.
About German Cabezas

German Cabezas is a product design leader, front-end developer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. German currently works as a lead product designer for Paro.ai, an artificial intelligence driven market place for top financial professionals, previously worked as a lead product designer and developer at Goldstar learning, a k-12 school assessment platform. In addition, German has started several projects including, CodeLatino, Ducoa, mvmnt and more recently Ryders. German is passionate about nature, design, technology, music and arts. German believes that transformation happens with transparency, trust, autonomy and a clear leadership vision. "With grit and humbleness things happen"

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