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February 5×5 Night
February 28, 2023 5:00 pm
Location: Linc Up Gallery
Voting is Closed
February 5×5 Night
February 28, 2023 5:00 pm
Location: Linc Up Gallery
Voting is Closed

January 5×5 Night

Voting Closes: January 23, 2023 11:59 pm
William Davis
Publish GR
Everyone, not just those who can afford it, deserves the chance to develop their voice and tell their story: writing and reading are powerful drivers of self-analysis, self-actualization, and empathy, and can actually change the way people view themselves and the world. For the past 8 years, as an independent author I have sold my books throughout the US, as the cofounder of Writer’s Block Publishing, I have also offered free community classes to Orange County residents from marginalized backgrounds, giving them access to publishing opportunities. This year, with the help of your business, I would like to teach classes to those interested and give them opportunities to also market their intellectual property. I will use the money from the grant to pay for my time finding additional students to fill the class, planning, teaching and executing this program.
Michael Cuevas
I started this brand with the idea of making something new and fresh for the people. An idea that clashes cultural ideas and motifs in the form of attire, and soon to be accessories and fine art.
Aislinn Spaman
Helping to revitalize properties and bring unused and vacant spaces back to life, while employing Grand Rapids families and supporting local businesses.
Paola Cordova
Sweet Deco
Sweet Deco is a dessert catering business.
Carmichaelle Joseph
Tropix Kitchen: Michigan Creole Cuisine
Tropix Kitchen provides great food seasoned with the traditions of Haitian/Creole Cuisine!
Raphael Harlan
Raphael’s Donuts
Raphael's Donuts is the world's first-ever diabetic-safe, allergy-safe gluten-free vegan donut brand & company. Currently sold in 8 retailers in Michigan, California & Indiana.
Shannon/Kelsey Tomlinson/Wills
Shea Renae’s Mobile IV Hydration & Wellness
We offer ground-breaking vitamin infusions, injections and nutraceuticals. We are mobile, which means we come to you!
Jennifer Betz
Trash Transparency
We want to provide online access to our customers’ landfill-diversion data, empowering them to benchmark and set more aggressive targets.
Amber Modena
Creativity that Displays Others’ Uniqueness
I launched Amber Modena Creative in February 2022, making a business of what I taught myself over the past five years: graphic design, photography, and videography. I want to steer the business largely in the direction of design and videography. My desire is to display business' and organizations' uniqueness- their personality, culture, and story- through videos and designs that highlight these attributes. I believe the people and story behind the business or organization is what makes it special, and that is what I am determined to bring to light.
Andria Stephan
Proprietary Protein Smoothie Blend
My idea is a proprietary protein smoothie blend. Formulated originally in my home kitchen to help myself with my food sensitivities. After drinking the mix daily for about 6-8 months I cured myself.
Phi Nguyen
Reminisce Box
Using new VR technology to help capture real life interactions of family members so an individual could relive those moments for a lifetime. these videos will be able to be passed down to generation.
Zachary Graft
Navigator Emergency Services
Navigator Emergency Services provides drone services and emergency management services to businesses and government organizations.
Mark Evans
Hustle Pray Eat
Promoting and Creating community leaders based in Grand Rapids that emphasize the importance of Hard Work Seeking God and Investing in themselves AND the community their from.
Abigail Miars
A platform for students to buy and sell vintage, unique, and affordable University of Michigan gear; the Plato's Closet of collegiate gear.
Adolfo Carrillo-Ramirez
Lucky Guy Mobile Auto Detailing The Car Wash That Comes To You!
The opportunity arises when people do not have enough time to carry out the detailed cleaning of their vehicles, so Lucky Guy Auto Detailing offers the service of washing vehicles at home, that is, we go to the workplace or to your home. So, the customers can continue carrying out their day-to-day activities or share with their family, giving them a better quality of life without taking away the time that they can use to spent with their families. It is important to mention that with this business we will create employment opportunities for many people in the community, including immigrants who, like me, are starting a dream in this country, thus creating a strong social impact on our community. If we compare with traditional car washes, the mobile car wash service is eco friendly since the cost of water per vehicle is less than a traditional car wash, and it is for this reason that we contribute our grain of sand for the conservation of the environment
Elonda Willis
Breon Aries
Breon Aries is a fashion styling app that can assist clients with sustainable apparel using smart suggestions based off mood, personality, weather, and occasion. This app will help you try on new styles virtually using AR fashion technology and connect you with local designers. It’s the future of fashion and virtual meeting reality!
Aaron Thomas
Course Correct
To create an affiliate program called “course correct” it will be marketed towards “troubled millennials”. These troubled millennials will either have past or prior legal troubles. The biggest marketing strategy would be marketing the courses on jpay as a “re-entry program”.
Amanda Pittman
Tipple & Posy
Tipple & Posy is a BYOB (bring your own beverage) and "Build a Posy" experience.
Ashley lee
Belefonte’s Kitchen
With the majority of restaurants closed due to the pandemic, people are relying on food delivery to satisfy their dining needs. However, this has resulted in limited food options for many communities around the globe. Our solution is a diverse cloud kitchen that provides a variety of food options from different cuisines to meet the needs of any customer. We use locally sourced ingredients to create food from all over the world to create unique dishes that can be quickly delivered with contactless technology. With our cloud kitchen, you can relax and enjoy a meal without having to leave the comfort of your home. We are a Minority, women, and Veteran owned business.
Renata Fernandez Dominguez
Madre Masa & Tortillas
Madre Masa & Tortillas produces 100% organic, local, and sustainable heirloom corn masa and tortillas. We use ancestral volcanic milling stones and nixtamalization processes with an emphasis on supporting local agricultural diversity, health, and accessibility.
JaQuell Brew
Religiously Fly Clothing
Hi, I’m JaQuell Brew and I have a brand called "Religiously Fly”. At face value I’m hoping to provide people with products that they’ll fall in love with and on a deeper level I hope to inspire people to create a life worth living.
Blake Mischley
Empowering students to be introduced to thousands of their classmates and find roommates through “filtration” software.
Zach Smith
Expanding Assisted Dying Accessibility to those with Severe Dementia
Provide assisted dying preparation services to people. Use some of that money to fund legalization of assisted death for those with dementia.
Rebecca Stein
Essayist helps you write your best college essay, visa application, or resume.
Da Boils
Da Seasoning Blend
SAUCE! Everybody's favorite part of eating a seafood boil, chicken nuggets, making a burger, or even eating a salad. The sauce matters. We've been in the kitchen perfecting our proprietary 'Dee Butter Sauce' recipe for over a year and attending outdoor food festival and pop up events. The feedback is phenomenal and we've realized It's time for us to expand and bring our seasoning blend to the market. Just add butter to Da Seasoning Blend to make our very own 'Dee Butter Sauce' at home with your tasty seafood boil. No seafood? No problem! This seasoning blend will be just as good on any fish, or meat alternative.
Eric Boynton
Michigan Based Sustainable Products
Keeping Michigan Beautiful and Michigan's Communities strong by connecting customers to Michigan based Sustainable Businesses. All while giving people an opportunity to get involved personally and have some fun at our monthly Sustainable Markets.
Wayne Brunt
WB’s Salsa
We own our own fresh salsa company, WB’s Salsa and we want to make this available to all of W. Michigan.
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