May 5x5 Night will be a virtual event.

  1. 5 Votes 5 Votes Community members vote for 5 favorite ideas
  2. 5 Ideas 5 Ideas 5 creators are chosen to pitch
  3. 5 Minutes 5 Minutes Pitches are limited to 5 min. and 5 slides
  4. 5 Judges 5 Judges Panel selects a winning idea on pitch night
  5. $5,000.00 $5,000.00 The best idea wins $5,000

Past Winners

Ysanne $5,000


Ysanne is a stylish way to be safe. Emergency? Call for help with our hidden interchangeable technology inside jewelry.

Randall Thomas
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Garden Geeks Urban Farm $5,000

Garden Geeks Urban Farm

We grow microgreens using indoor vertical farming methods. Greens are free of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.

Chris Marsman
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Hey Sugar and Co. $5,000

Hey Sugar and Co.

Cotton candy reimagined! Organic cane sugar, natural dyes and gourmet flavors.

Danielle Bradfield
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Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream $5,000

Tastefull Vegan Ice Cream

Tastfull is free of 9 common allergens and refined sugar. Enjoy ice cream that is full of flavor and free of guilt!

Kalene McElveen
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Expanding Mosley School of Cosmetology to accommodate more students $5,000

Expanding Mosley School of Cosmetology to accommodate more students

Since we are at capacity it is necessary expand so we can accommodate a larger number of students in the community.

Sincerae Mosley
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