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About this idea
My ideal goal for Xavey Kior Body Essentials is to provide a full line of the best all-natural skin care products. So far, we have launched the best All-natural Handcraft lip gloss. Our signature lip glosses are made right in my home and made to perfection. Our products give women a confident, classy experience. The plan is to lead the brand with our XKBE signature lip gloss collection and once the glosses take us to the top, we will add on additional essentials one by one. Xavey Kior Body Essentials is the next top brand in the beauty industry.
Xavey Kior Body Essentials has an impact on all women no matter the size, race gender nor culture we stand on building self-confidence through our products. We want to give our customers clean and glam products that you can't find anywhere else.
What I'll do with $5,000
Xavey Kior Body Essentials would use the $5000 towards the Relaunching of XKBE We are upscaling the brand meaning we are elevating everything the ingredients, packaging, experience & price. The $5000 grant will be split into 4 Categories. $1000 would be invested into Trademarking. Trademarking the company would of course prohibit competitors from stealing creative ideas, names or symbols but there is another good benefit that we gain from trademarking and that is being able to obtain GTN's which would allow us to enroll in Google Manufacturers center for brands. $2000 invested into packaging from Aubur Packaging Solutions proving the brand with professional and great quality packaging. $500 would be invested into the website. We already have a platform, and a layout the website just needs updating. The website needs to give the full elevated experience to each customer. $500-$1000 would be invested into marketing. We need bomb content before we relaunch, we will invest in mini commercials, social media ads and more. Lastly, we will invest $500 into inventory/supplies of course we need materials before we relaunch!
About Avanti Footman

Hello my name is Avanti and I am 30 years young and destined for greatness. Since youth I have been a leader. If I could describe myself in one word it would be “determined”.

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