Start Garden

40 Pearl Street NW, Suite 200, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
March 2017 at Start Garden

We're back on our home turf for March 5x5 Night in Grand Rapids at Start Garden on Tuesday, March 28th!

On TUESDAY March 28th, 5 creators will pitch their ideas for a chance to win $5,000 - no strings attached.

Join us at Start Garden located at 40 Pearl Street NW in downtown Grand Rapids  for March 5x5 Night.

There is no restriction on the type of idea a presenter can submit, but it’s important to remember this is about moving an idea forward. The event host organizes a selection committee to decide which five ideas will be presented. Visitors to the website vote on ideas they would like the host committee to select. The selected presenters explain a $5,000 step that will move the idea forward.

Presenting the ideas is only part of the night. Part two is at the reception to find out the winner. Have a glass of wine, talk about ideas. The opportunity to network is the whole reason we put on the event. Join us!

March 28, 2017
Start Garden 40 Pearl Street NW, Suite 200, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Judges this month

  • Matt Uhl

    Matt Uhl

    Commercial Banker at Huntington Bank

    Born and raised in Grand Rapids. Passionate about small business.

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  • Jorge Gonzalez

    Jorge Gonzalez

    Director at Start Garden

    Established WMI Hispanic Chamber as central connecting point for Hispanic entrepreneurs for aspiring business owners and seasoned veterans.

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  • Liz Hilton

    Liz Hilton

    Founder, 5x5 Night Alumni

    Founder of KNITit, specializing in 3D knitting process as solution for furniture, health care, consumer electronic, automotive industries

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  • Matt Barczak

    Matt Barczak

    Manager with Rehmann’s Accounting, Consulting and Tax (ACT) Department

    Provides tax compliance services to closely held businesses, high net worth individuals, S-corporations, partnerships and corporations

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  • Mary Brown

    Mary Brown

    Consultant, Educator, Design Thinker, Futurist at Spectrum Health Inclusion and Diversity Center of Expertise

    Grand Rapids Business Journal as one of the 50 Most Influential Women of West Michigan 2016.

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Ideas Being Presented

Still I Run - Runners for Mental Health Awareness

Still I Run - Runners for Mental Health Awareness

Still I Run is a community of people that run for, or on behalf of mental health. Our goal is to defeat the stigma!

Sasha Wolff Learn More
The Oasis Aquaponic Food Production System

The Oasis Aquaponic Food Production System

An ultra-low cost aquaponics system designed to increase food security in the developing world.

Michelle Leach Learn More
Fat Lucy’s Dumpling House

Fat Lucy’s Dumpling House

Fat Lucy's Dumpling House will be a humble restaurant that serves authentic and traditional Asian dumplings and buns.

Lucy Li Learn More
The Lady & Her Skillet Southern Fine Dining

The Lady & Her Skillet Southern Fine Dining

To offer classic soul food with a twist in an upscale fine dining atmosphere served by a chef with 15 years’ experience.

Shyceka Armstrong Learn More
Pop-Up DIY/Craft Parties

Pop-Up DIY/Craft Parties

DIY/Craft classes at home, business or place of your choosing. Enjoy camaraderie while crafting SOMETHING AMAZING!

Madge Kraai Learn More
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