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Kidz Indoor Playground Homeschool Co-Op Initiatitive
"Join our homeschool co-op at Kidz Indoor Playground! Fun learning for ages 7 & under in a safe, engaging environment!"
The Tipsy Hero
The Tipsy Hero is your ultimate hangover rescue kit and the first of eight emergency kit ideas that I have.
We have launched a clothing line specifically designed for kids with Autism. Our goal is to raise awareness and create clothing options that are both fashionable and comfortable for children with Autism. We believe that every child deserves to express their unique style, and our clothing line aims to empower them to do so. By combining fashion and inclusivity, we are striving to make a positive impact in the lives of children with Autism.
Micro-mobility on the water. Redefining the paddleboard, turning it into an e-bike on the water
Market My Jam
Sticky Spoons is small batch jam company, producing unique flavors like blueberry lavender, with fruits sourced from small Michigan farms.
Roof Ranger
RoofRangers has transformed the roofing industry with an AI-powered, multisensor drone platform, delivering swift, precise, and automated evaluations.
Inspect helps citizens stay informed about important news from trusted sources
Finished Floors and Renovation LLC
A new and innovative flooring renovation company designed to assist customers with completing renovation projects in the home or commercial environments.
Body Party
Body Party is a revolutionary women's empowerment brand born from personal struggle and a vision for change. As the founder, my own battles with body image issues illuminated the widespread need for a brand that nurtures self-love and confidence in women. Our mission transcends the realm of mere product sales; we are fostering a movement that aims to redefine beauty perceptions and empower women to embrace their authentic selves. At its core, Body Party offers a comprehensive platform for women's self-improvement and well-being. Our product line includes luxurious scented soaps, seductive lingerie, and pleasure products, all designed to enhance self-love and body positivity. However, we recognize that true empowerment comes from within, which is why we also provide mental wellness tools such as self-care journals for reflection and personal growth. To further support our customers' journeys, we will offer educational workshops, rejuvenating retreats, and personalized coaching sessions.
Photography Studio Latina owned
My biggest dream has been to open my own photography studio. It would be a Latina/woman/single mom owned studio. A place where people can feel at home and comfortable ! I plan on having OTHER photographers rent my studio hourly to help them also use the space for their work.
RV City Hosts
RV City Hosts platform connects RVers with overnight hosts that are close to the city and its cultural experiences.
ThirstyGirl is an invertible makeup-sponge that slows bacterial growth rate to 6 months saving users $90+ yearly.
A technology that safely and precisely increases resting metabolic rate, burning calories both day and night.
WIAR, A Local Art Show
Prophesee Levi will be the first of many local artists to present a private world of meaningful art in a local space - featuring other local artists who will help to project this world for you to experience!
Herbal Choice
Herbal choice food processor. Provides quality,affordable spices,seasonings,alternative flours,healthy oils. Founded by Tawon & Linda Wright
Sky Rat Productions
Sky Rat Productions is an animation studio creating animated films and shows, similar to films like 'Space Jam' and 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' in the state of Michigan.
Training human neurons for computation and pattern recognition!
I want to train human neurons for computation and use them in our phones and laptops as an alternative to silicon chips.
Fresh food vending machines
Fresh food vending machines will offer healthy snack options in low-income disadvantaged communities that are affordable and accessible. As we scale up the fresh food vending machines to the next level, we will start placing them in locations like airports, bus stations, and festivals.
Hearth Sauna
Hearth is a wood-fired sauna and cold plunge experience. It’s an outdoor bath house. It’s a healthy social community and it’s awesome.
CUE Apparel
Core strength and awareness, often underestimated or unrecognized, is crucial for movement, posture, and athletic performance. At last, there's a solution. CUE Apparel offers comfortable compression garments that provide subtle tactile cues to engage your core and enhance posture. It's like having a traveling physical therapist reminding you to maintain core awareness. Developed by a physical therapist, CUE Apparel aims to bolster your posture, increase strength, and alleviate potential back pain.
UNWIND with Self Care Weekends
Your mental health weekends program incorporates local small businesses, promoting self-care, and offering various health-& mental health related activities, focusing on the overall well-being. This program not only serves individuals but also raises awareness about the importance of mental health and self-care within the community and among professionals.
~The Table~ Dream center & Coffee Shop.
Taxes At Tiffanys specializes in a variety of preparation services with outstanding support. We understand how busy our customers are, and with our expertise we can take care of accounting needs quickly and efficiently, we are equipped to handle the books leaving our customers to worry less and live more. I also Prepare various filings, Bankruptcy paperwork etc Coffee Shop will Offer Coffee, Expresso, light snacks. The Business center will give Members and The Community a place to Meet Clients and effectively get their Printing, Faxing, and any Work or paperwork done with the support of Taxes at Tiffanys Staff if needed. Serving individuals and households, small to medium sized business, from new ventures to well established businesses and clients in the local market, with the leading a Location for their needs and business services.
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