Submissions this month are for Food and Farm businesses that aligned with Michigan Good Food Fund’s mission (offers healthy, affordable food; includes racial diversity in ownership and/or employment; and is environmentally conscious). If you think your business is a fit please submit your idea!

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5×5 Night Food and Farm Businesses
August 30, 2022 5:00 pm
Location: Start Garden
Voting Closes: August 22, 2022 11:59 pm
5×5 Night Food and Farm Businesses
August 30, 2022 5:00 pm
Location: Start Garden
Voting Closes: August 22, 2022 11:59 pm

5×5 Night Food and Farm Businesses

Voting Closes: August 22, 2022 11:59 pm

We are looking for food and farm businesses aligned with Michigan Good Food Fund’s mission (offers healthy, affordable food; includes racial diversity in ownership and/or employment; and is environmentally conscious). If you think your business is a fit please submit your idea!

Leona Gist
What’s The Dill
Kosher Dill Pickles stuffed with vegetables, deli meat, cheese, sauce and seasoning.
Nani Nascimento
Cassie Puffs
Cassie Puffs are made using all organic ingredients, resulting in a low-calorie tasty snack for everyone to enjoy! Get ready to take on a whole bag full, Cassie Puffs are simple, fun, and healthy!
Tama Smith
MySahara Tea is born out of a need to share with the world an ancient cultural tea recipe that has been enjoyed in Northern Nigeria for hundreds of years. MySahara Tea is part of a movement called "Trade not aid". This movement has energized us to bring to market one of the finest herbal tea blends made by a single mother of two children from Northern Nigeria. Through fair trade we are lifting communities out of poverty. While sipping a cup of MySahara Tea, you are participating in our mission " Together We Rise".
Landon Rainey
Solar power technology
I got an idea for a solar power tablet a solar power laptop the idea would be to put a solar power on the back of a tablet and when you outside at the park or you outside in the summer whatever it could be waterproof for the winter and you just collect the sunlight and it has an extra battery stored up in there got to run for about an hour or two to save your information same with the laptop you can charge up you could be able to go you could be riding somewhere and just get sunlight from a source through a window charge the device up and there you go
Sean Brezzell
Share our knowledge with a slice of cheesecake
We are a cheesecake business that invests in our community to help teach others business. We use our resources to help other gain confidence in helping them grow.
Eric Freeman
Mindset Meals
Do you think we should assemble systems of nourishing foods being as accessible as fast food? Do you think there is a direct correlation between the foods you consume and how you behave, feel, and think? At Mindset Meals; we make nourishing foods accessible
Da Boils
Ready for a new experience? DA Boils Market is a hands-on experience from start to finish. Beginning with self-service access to all ingredients, we allow you the freedom and control to create your own seafood boil bag. Next, you choose a spice level and we will create a tasty butter sauce from the ‘What's Ya Flava’ seasoning options. You will then take chosen food items to ‘DA Steam Bar’ to be cooked. Finally, the best part… it's time to get your hands dirty and feast! DA Boils Market will be takeout but we will offer a dine-in area.
Sopheap Hettinga
Healthy Gluten Free Baking Mixes Easily Whipped-up
Whippin' Good Eats offers easy to make gluten free mixes which provide fresh and healthy solutions and flexible finished products. The baking mixes are for anyone whether due to a gluten allergy, sensitivity, chosen lifestyle or people baking to accommodate those with such an allergy for any occasion.
Gilma DeLaCruz
Empanadas de Yuca by Chef Gilma
Empanadas de yuca- gluten free
Doreen Gardner
Papa’s Peanut Brittle
Revitalize an old familiar candy, with an updated and new perspective. Brittle brings back many memories and rekindles family traditions. In a time where communications and family time has been severed, I see this as a refreshing of old time family values.
Damian Rivera
Damian’s Craft Meats: Expanding Meat Processing Services in Southeast Michigan
To bolster Southeast Michigan’s meat sector by expanding processing capacity and distribution of locally-produced meat products.
Victoria Zalokar Rieth
Tor’s Tonics
Tor’s Tonics is a West Michigan-based startup ignited by the passion of a tea lover who wanted to make something equally delicious and beneficial. We create intentional blends of vegan and organic teas, juices, mushroom extracts, and other natural ingredients to supplement your daily routine and make you feel great from the inside out.
Raphael Harlan
Raphael’s Donuts
Raphael's Donuts is the world's first-ever diabetic-safe, allergy-safe gluten-free vegan donut brand & company.
Christina Coden
Red Hots Chili Sauce
Who doesn't want chili for a hot dog? Red Hots offers a chili sauce that is conveniently microwavable, and utilizes real ground chuck, onions, and garlic. We do not add any preservatives, additives, or colorings!
Claire Smith
create bold and healthy plant based cereal and snacks sourcing grain from our 7th generation farm
Destinee Keener
Kuntry Cookin’ presents “Uncle Rohn’s Table”
Sometimes a dream needs a little boost. Kuntry Cookin' desires to be that fuel via "Uncle Rohn's Table" - a ghost kitchen for the brilliant and creative culinarians of my community. This ghost kitchen will open up opportunities for the multitude of home based chefs that don't have the financial resources or legal space to create their wonderful dishes or prepare for large caterings. Just as my Uncle Rohn fostered and loved on the creativity of Kuntry Cookin', we desire to do the same with this all inclusive and equitable culinary hub. Everyone is welcome around "Uncle Rohn's Table"
Johnathan Jackson
Giovanni’s Seasoning
Giovanni's Seasoning is a multipurpose, all purpose seasoning. Great for your favorite man dishes and side dishes. It's a seasoning that turns into a sauce, and is an all in one seasoning so it even cost effective.
Melena Strehlow
What’s Your Comfort?
Cooking for Comfort is founded around the idea of finding your comfort. Mental health impacts everyone and it is important for people to find what is comforting to them. Cooking for Comfort's goal is to bring people together through food to create a supportive mental health community. Cooking is our comfort - what's yours?
Anwelli Okpue
Our product is a dessert that plays on the word "sandwich". A “Cakewich” uses fruits, nuts or ice cream, sandwiched between a moist cake.
Kyle Manning
Zenned Out Kombucha – Kombucha and SCOBY Derived Related Products
Kombucha brewery that looks to offer; non-alcoholic kombucha, hard-kombucha and SCOBY derived products.
April Reed
Farm to Table Dessert Experience
My idea is the Farm to Table Dessert Experience. It would be an extension of our dessert services, that focus strictly on utilizing in season produce to create uniquely flavored desserts. It would focus on building relationships with community farmers, specifically minority owned, to guarantee our customers the freshest and tastiest desserts on this fun and creative menu.
Patria Webster
GOODIES uses from scratch recipes from cultures all around the world to nurture your babies palate. Our goal is not only to eliminate the gross preservatives the current industry puts into your babies source of nutrients, but to cultivate the palates of our next generation of foodies.
Chantele Jones
Estella’s Needs a Permanent Home
Estella’s Vegan Dessert Boutique is Detroits first all vegan bakery. Opened in 2021, inside Grand River Workplace as a temporary pop up. After a successful 9 month trial run. We are ready to find our permanent location in Detroit but need financial help.
Genesis Quinones
Little Licks LLC
Little Licks LLC is an Alkaline snack brand that will bridge the gap between education and nutrition. Our mission is to create healthy eating habits that children can grow up with, and instill into future generations to come. Our curated box of snacks, aims to keep you healthy from the start, even while on the go!
Taiwo Adeleye
Sinatu Tomato Sauce is an African sauce recipe, influenced by African culture and healthy attitude.
Theresa Irving
Small space modernized cropping systems
We are taking a 1/4 of an acre and turning it into an acre of strawberries. We are building a green house with a tiered system to produce strawberries reducing water and agriculture waste. We are working to be able to grow a healthy crop that has technology to help our growth along West Michigan shores. Temperature plays a factor with Lake effect concerns and I think we are able to control soil heat with this system.
Debbie Mitchell
Momma D’s Kitchen “Fine As Wine” BBQ Sauce
My Idea is introduce the world to a new brand of barbecue sauce made with wine, 0.5% alcohol which makes it available for all people to consume even children. Our sauces are unique as the wine brings out the flavor on whatever it's put on. Vegans and Vegetarians can use it on vegetables, Jackfruit to bring flavor. Our sauce is very versatile it can be used as a dipping sauce, marinate and goes well with recipes.
Wendy DaCruz
The Mushroom Angel Company
Producing meat alternatives that cut and bite like meat but taste like veggies.
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