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5×5 Night Hosted by GRABB
February 27, 2024 5:00 pm
Location: Start Garden
Voting is Closed
5×5 Night Hosted by GRABB
February 27, 2024 5:00 pm
Location: Start Garden
Voting is Closed

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Sustainable Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball is America's fastest growing sport. Almost every paddle sold today is made out of single use plastic. Therefore, you could say, pickleball is America's fastest growing contributor of single use plastics to landfills. I have created a pickleball paddle that is made entirely out of wood and other natural materials but still weighs and performs the same as the(...) Read More

5×5 Night Hosted by GRABB

Voting Closes: February 19, 2024 11:59 pm
Eric Riley
Gratitopia AR Gratitude Smartphone Game
Leverage AR & crypto to turn in-game achievements into real-world charity donations, fostering global kindness.
Jasmine Davis
Jazzin Jewels Holistic Body Care
Healing skin issues like eczema and psoriasis and body conditions such as herpes and HS with herbal skin care.
Katrina Winston
K Elite Dance Academy
Create a school of dance for 3 to 18 to prepare them for college ( performing arts). The school will offer different styles of dance, life skills like budgeting, finance, tutoring, book club. It will also have scholarship for juniors and seniors to win. Most importantly it will create a environment to keep young child away from violence and be in a positive environment.
Tracy Anderson
Pioneering True Engagement with CHRL: Interactive Advertising Technology
Advertising isn’t dead. Like cockroaches and Cher, advertising will live forever. Each day, it’s reborn in front of our eyes; new twists on old ideas play before us in a million ways. So, let’s embrace it, make it exciting, engaging, and entertaining! MESA Enterprises is the answer with our interactive software that merges people into their experience as they explore and engage. Of course, we’re helping businesses make money, but we’re also making it FUN for everyone.
Ryan Mills
ScrapTrader is a revenue operation software platform with a goal of improving workflow standardization for metal sales transactions in the recycled materials industry. On the front end, this organizes traders and allows them to work more efficiently. On the back end, our platform will empower companies by enabling them to capture a more comprehensive perspective of sales data.
William Braylock
Fatherhood Academy
The Fatherhood Academy would provide a week-long conference for fathers in the community. The conference will cover much needed topics such as Co-parenting, reunification, Child Support, Financial Literacy and others.
LaKisha Harris
The Turkey Knuckle Trolley
•This project is designed to help veterans connect with inner city children through food, friendship and fellowship. In an effort to install great work ethic in participants, encourage interaction with others, in an effort to fight some of the triggers that often result in increased suicide rates within the veteran community or illegal behaviors amongst youth that have no mentorship nor positive influence within their homes
Peter Gabrek
Hearth Sauna
Hearth Sauna is a startup that aims to improve physical, mental, and social health of it's guests. It is a community wood fired sauna.
Tatiana Matthews
My Alter Ego Closet
To create a luxury women’s closet boutique and a safe space for women of all shapes and sizes who love fashion. This will be a one stop shopping closet that carries a variety of footwear, clothing, outerwear and accessories. The closet will be decorated in luxurious plush decor and chandeliers followed by a nice scent in the air. Each purchase will be in fancy packaging to add to the excitement. This shopping experience is about enjoying the finer things and feeling good about your purchase without going from store to store all while on a budget.
Wylea Griggs
The Future of Mental Health Wellness
Specializing in cutting edge innovative technology for mental health wellness for women and families.
Jessica Malkin
The Market Made
The Market Made bridges the gap between shopping for the handmade items you love while creating the experiences you’ll cherish!
Anthony Miller
We would like to grow into a year round space in order to expand our business. Our current operation requires seasonal shut down and limitations imposed by the owner. Our money would go to building out a space in order to operate inside and year round!
Shalyn Harrison
Serene beauty supply
My idea is to provide a mobile beauty supply service, delivering beauty products on-demand to customers wherever they are.
Camila Garcia
Havana Hideout
I want to bring a new cultural Cuban taste to the city. Cuban food reflects the country's melting pot history and has roots in African, Spanish, Italian, American, Chinese and Taino cuisines. This restaurant allows you to try a variety of different foods and cuisines that you may not have access to at home. Outside food can also be a social activity, whether you are dining with friends, family, or coworkers.
Sherrie Savage
The Coloring Museum
Introducing an oldie but goodie creative activity forbidden as a child – COLORING ON THE WALLS!
Valarie James
Embrace Your Wellness Daily Planner
I would like to develop a wellness daily planner that addresses mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional needs. This will be a physical product designed to help individuals who are seeking tools to care for themselves and make their self-care a priority. The planner will include daily journal prompts, fitness and nutrition tracking, and goal setting.
Cynthia Walker
A Dream’s Tea – makeovers
Tea party themed conference for young ladies 16-24. Attendees will be nominated by their peers and family to receive a makeover (hair, nails, styling) and a photo shoot to boost their self esteem and confidence and teach them the importance of self care. The day will conclude with a 5 star meal. Nominations for the makeovers will happen prior to the conference.
ashia forbes
Your’ is an enterprise dedicated to enhancing your everyday lifestyle with plant-based, chemical-free skincare and hair care products. At Your’, we are passionate about providing products that prioritize your well-being and cater to your unique needs.
Elizabeth Carter
Amour Bilingual Officiant
Amour Bilingual Officiant wants to keep expanding their current services. Recently, day in coordination was added to help brides execute timely and stress free their wedding day. I would like to continue being able to add more services in the near future. Lastly, I would like to provide wedding decor for their ceremony space.
Brianna Garrett
Bubbles R Fun
Bubbles R Fun is a flow arts and entertainment company focused on spreading joy and fun with bubbles! Bubbles R Fun is committed to bringing specialty designed bubble wands and premium bubble mix for families to enjoy forever. Bubble Fun services have been designed for even more bubble fun!
Michael Caston-Coleman
Educational AR Games & Hardware
Games that focus on the area of STEM education while encouraging learning beyond the classroom environment. We approach this using personalized AI to assist in creating and guiding users through course materials when requested. Offering epic augmented reality games for smartphones and AR Headset Displays that can be played anywhere.
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