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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

Sobre esta idea
My business offers strategic brand photography and creative copywriting services that cater to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Brand photography services include head shots, product shots, client shots, etc. My creative copywriting services will mainly focus on website, email and blog copy. I offer a variety of packages that cater to setting a strategic foundation for a strong brand identity to help build brand loyalty with consumers and increase sales.
This business would help entrepreneurs who don't have the funding to afford the astronomical figures traditional marketing and digital agencies charge, but are willing to invest in marketing services that cater to their budget. My services would be more affordable and focus on native content, rather than paid, to establish a strong brand identity that breeds repeat customers. I've interacted with many entrepreneurs who have an amazing product or service but don't have the business to match because they don't have the time or a large budget to invest in marketing. Additionally, black people are underrepresented at marketing agencies around West Michigan and beyond, considering black people only make up 7.2% of U.S. marketing employees in the nation. Naturally, there's a culture disconnect when agencies try to market a black-owned or minority business in their most authentic way because they don't understand what it's like to be in their shoes. As a black woman, I'd not only be one step towards closing that gap for my people, I'd also bring my knowledge and expertise of the field to those who need it and are willing to invest, but can't afford the astronomical pricing at traditional marketing and digital agencies Ultimately, I want to help black owned and minority businesses thrive through authentic marketing represented through captivating visuals and creative copywriting that sells.
Lo que haré con 5.000 dólares
I would invest in the following: #1) A prime lense for my camera to capture professional portraits with creamy, blurred backgrounds. #2) Legal consulting and services to ensure I have all the appropriate documents for both aspects of the business - photography and copywriting. #3) Email software system to store my clients' email campaigns/data. #4) Honeybook subscription for a client project management software. #5) Invest in a small office space to have space for head shots and product shots.
About Alee'a Harris

I'm a multifaceted creative with a love for storytelling. My goal is to have my own brand photography and creative copywriting business to help small business owners/entrepreneurs establish brand loyalty and increase sales through captivating visuals and compelling copywriting. I'm a published photographer with six years of experience with my camera and I have seven years of experience creating a variety of digital and print copy for the following organizations: Grand Rapids Public Museum, ArtPrize, the Grand Rapids Gold and Priority Health.

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