5×5 Night-ON THE ROAD at Downtown Market- FOOD BUSINESSES
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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

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My photography services provide three packages to choose from - Brand Identity, Content Creation, and Experiences. I strive my services on truly capturing the vision my clients have by first getting to know them and their story. From there, I work diligently on finding the perfect setting and mapping out a list of shots to take. I have worked with countless personal brands that have grown once they had the right photos to post and have witnessed organization's events nearly double in attendees once previous event photos are shared!
My clients benefit from my photography services by establishing their brand's identity, building their story online, and ultimately building trust with their audience that keeps their business growing. Photos that create emotion allow their audience to go beyond being just interested - my photos allow their supporters to be loyal supporters and customers that change my clients lives with each purchase, booking, or ticket.
Lo que haré con 5.000 dólares
With $5,000, I would finally be able to invest in one of the spaces I've been looking into for my clients and I to create in. A dilemma I face as a photographer is finding the perfect studio space to work out of that is both unique and accessible. I want to be able to change that for myself and the community and provide a space where ideas are lived in and not just thought of. This money would allow me to invest in the deposit and interior of a studio.
About Brianna Kilgore

I am a self taught Photographer and Grand Rapids Native.

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