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About this idea
A couple of the ski seat's key attributes that set it apart from other products are its versatility and mobility. The versatility is shown through the Ski Seat’s ability to clip into any standard ski binding with the adjustable binding insert assembly. This is made possible by the attachment that can be found at the bottom of the seat. This ski seat is also able to be taken off and is not a permanent attachment and this allows skis to be used for both normal downhill skiing and Ski Seat use. When a user is done with the ski set, it is easily disassembled. The product is able to fold up and fit within a standard backpack which helps with the product's mobility. We want to focus on folks who may be disabled or who have never experienced the thrill of going downhill before.
Michigan is one of the top states with approximately 40 ski resorts, 1,000 runs, and 250 lifts. In the United States as a whole, there are approximately 470 ski resorts to choose from. According to research in 2018, there were approximately 9.2 million active skiers and snowboarders. We believe individuals, families and ski resorts could benefit from a new fun idea on the slopes! The Ski Seat gives resorts a safer option for guests looking to rent equipment. Skiing and snowboarding are rough on the body of the user, requiring a standing stance to be performed while in use of the product, which could be hours. The Ski Seat allows users to sit down but still enjoy the thrill of going down the hill. Resorts may focus on the comfort of using the Ski Seat instead of traditional products such as downhill skis. The Jumping Jack Ski offers a great solution to novice customers who are looking for a safe option to join their family and friends on the slopes. It also offers an option for those with leg disabilities a way to enjoy the slopes. Resorts investing in the Ski Seat will see that it is very user-friendly, which will require less training for employees and less education for their renters. The user-friendly aspect is more attractive to the occasional user as it is easier to use than downhill skis or a snowboard. This can also be a way for resorts to attract more users to the hill as it is safer than skiing. This will also attract users that want to get on the hill again but are scared of injury. This may promote the use of ski resort rentals and additional lift ticket sales.
What I'll do with $5,000
Funds will be used for the development of a Jumping Jack Ski Seat website and promotional video to use on social media platforms like Facebook Live and TikTok Live to spread even more awareness among multiple generations. This will continue to aid in promotion as well as generate information and interest. Alternatively, in conjunction with utilizing social media platforms, the company may also opt to sponsor micro influencers who have an established platform and can reach their followers through demonstrations, giveaways, and discount codes as well to continue to pique interest among customers. Additionally, funds will be used for production of Jumping Jack Ski Seats.
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