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About this idea
Jedi Chili was founded on our signature award winning smoked brisket chili with 2 SKU's. The product has evolved and there are now several iterations of the original and other variations. These include Signature-Traditional, Spicy, and hotdog; with the first two options in 16oz and 32oz. We are also selling this in 1 gallon sizes to accommodate parties and gatherings. The second version of Jedi Chili comes in the form of our Chicken Verde. This is a tomatillo based chili, not a "white" chicken chili, which increases shelf life. This is also available in traditional, spicy, and a curry version. Our focus is to bring high quality RTE products to a national market giving consumers better options when they want Chili.
The canned chili market is saturated with companies that realize their product isn't good enough to be in the RTE section. The strategy is on low cost velocity with a subpar product at a low price point in hopes that it moves before it expires. Since Covid, the RTE market has exploded and nationally grocers have expanded their offerings to accommodate. Our approach is to provide a superior product in a fresh RTE environment where there is very little direct competition. Our primary competitor nationally is "Panera at home" products, which does not include a traditional chili. According to Statista, 128.27 million people will buy canned/RTE chili in 2024. That's just over 1/3 of the entire U.S. population. We plan to impact the RTE market with superior offerings and grab a percentage of that business.
What I'll do with $5,000
A portion of the $5,000 would be used to purchase labels to get our signature chili on the shelf at Meijer where we've already been accepted. The remainder would go towards shelf life testing, nutritional facts, and ingredients labels for our Chicken Verde versions of chili which includes traditional, spicy, and curry.
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