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About this idea
This isn’t your grandma’s fish in a can: it’s a culinary experience taking over the food scene for its snackable convenience, timeless heritage and satisfying simplicity. We’re here to celebrate Great Lakes flavor, support sustainable fishing practices and embody the #PureMichigan spirit of hospitality, focused on hand-selecting suppliers who represent the highest quality standards and local love this region can offer. Because the fresh coast needs to catch the wave in this market that grew 9.7% YoY from 2021 to 2022 alone: Those who have come before us are elevating demand and growing the category enough to make space for Great Lakes Tinned Fish to flourish in their midst. Rising with the tide of domestic competitors like Fishwife and Tiny Fish Co., we cannot wait to add put the Midwest on the map for tinned fish. Who’s ready for Great Lakes representation in the pool of the #seacuterie craze and #tinnedfishdatenights?
We’re committed to sustainability and upholding the highest industry standards, planning to become MSC-certified and ensuring we stay ahead of the wave when it comes to product innovation, waste reduction and fish population management to protect the vitality of Great Lakes ecosystems. My mission has required me to focus on finding ways to source AND operate out of the Midwest, with long-term goals of adding jobs to the local economy, innovating facilities at a local fishery as a manufacturing partner, and being a part of important conversations on sustainable commercial fishing in the place I call home: to get started on this journey, we've secured a local smokehouse and well-reputed co-packer to begin production, establish our brand in the market and begin growing our relationships with local retailers, grocers, restaurateurs, ecosystem partners and experts to dive into this opportunity fully. I want to revitalize this time-honored method of food preservation to enjoy local fish year-round. I intend to grow Great Lakes Tinned Fish under the umbrella of the Rosefellows Collective lifestyle brand, creating opportunities to lean into a primary buyer with key purchasing power – the modern woman and consummate hostess – with product extensions for tasty treats that complement tinned fish as well as products that elevate the experience of hosting, serving and setting the perfect table or picnic spread. All of this will translate into additional opportunities to bring new experiences, partnerships, and commerce back to the greater Grand Rapids area.
What I'll do with $5,000
The next 3-6 months are critical for my business: one that is capital-intensive for initial inventory. These funds will go directly toward sampling (product, packaging, facility use and quality testing costing nearly $10k) as well as allow me to consult with experts that ensure our final product is irresistibly delicious and stands out in the market. The financial momentum will help me look ahead to make my website e-commerce ready sooner, so that I can scale with DTC as soon as production ramps up to support it. Much of what I'm raising right now in Friends & Family funds will need to go toward production for launch and the terms and contracts have not been finalized, so the sooner I can raise capital to go toward testing costs, marketing and other expenses between now and early fall, the more able I will be to stay on timeline and balance supply and demand with the work ahead to secure pre-orders before our slated launch date of Fall 2024. Everything is happening fast and is very exciting, but the less interest-bearing debt I can take on right now the better suited I'll be toward profitability and reinvesting in product to scale this business while the market is ripe for innovation and demand for tinned fish is palpable.
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