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About this idea
Reyna's Michelada Mix offers premium, natural, gluten-free Michelada mixes in original and mango flavors currently available at 20 Meijer stores, 3 breweries, 2 Mexican stores, and 1 liquor store in the Lakeshore and Grand Rapids area. My juicy idea is to expand my product offering to include chamoy and tajin rimmers to complement the mixes for a complete Michelada/Bloody Mary experience. Expanding the product offering to include chamoy and tajin alongside Michelada mixes and Bloody Mary bases is pivotal for creating a holistic and satisfying cocktail experience for customers. This expansion not only enhances customer satisfaction but also opens avenues for increased sales, as it attracts a broader audience and provides opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. By offering a complete range of products, the brand establishes itself as a go-to destination for cocktail enthusiasts, fostering loyalty and trust among customers who seek convenience, quality, and a comprehensive solution for their cocktail needs.
A Michelada is a staple in the Hispanic community in the US and Latin American countries. However, not everyone that is non-Latino knows what a Micheada is but they know what a Bloody Mary is. The impact will be to introduce Micheladas to a wider audience, bridging cultural gaps, and creating mainstream appeal beyond Latino communities.
What I'll do with $5,000
Winning the $5,000 prize will support the advancement of the Research and Development of my chamoy and tajin in original and mango flavors which is crucial to thrive in this market. Currently, only a few brands occupy this space, and I am confident that my products can compete effectively in terms of pricing and flavors. This financial support will significantly contribute to refining and perfecting my offerings, ensuring they stand out and resonate with customers, thus solidifying my position in the market and driving business growth.
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