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About this idea

Introducing Flight n' Bite Golf: The Original Backspin Chipping Game (WATCH THE VIDEO LINKED BELOW)

My First order of inventory (1000 Units) is purchased, currently on a boat headed for my 3PL provider.. I will be selling Flight n' Bite Late July 2024!

Problem: Traditional indoor golf chipping games don’t feel like a real golf experience. They don’t test, require, or improve high level golf skills, are under engaging and made for a target market of EVERYONE, isolating many underserved niches. They exist currently as any variation of:

1. Chipping Into a Net

2. Chipping into a Bucket

3. Chipping a Velcro Ball onto a Velcro Mat

Solution: Flight n' Bite Golf is an indoor chipping game made specifically for mastery seeking golfers and is built around the use, expression, and development of the MOST COVETED SKILL IN GOLF: Backspin. It is the most engaging, addictive, realistic and exciting golf chipping game ever created and is made for a specific type of golfer who is BEGGING to be spoken to.

Market Size: Flight n’ Bite targets avid, mastery seeking golfers looking to keep their skills sharp and experience golf year-round. With millions of these golfers in the USA alone, the potential market is vast and UNTAPPED.


About Me: I am a former Central Michigan U. Student-Athlete with a Pre-Medical Degree. I am a current student of Life, Entrepreneurship, Golf, and will do whatever it takes to support my family and be a great Husband. Anything I have ever set out to accomplish or create for myself in my life I have achieved or learned volumes from. I am a Creative, constant learner with an extreme work ethic, oh and… an AVID, MASTERY SEEKING GOLFER!


Unique Selling Points:

Serves a Specific Underserved Customer: Avid, Mastery Seeking Golfers

Focus on Backspin Mastery: Emphasizes backspin control and shot shaping, unlike other indoor golf games

Addictive Gameplay: Engaging and rewarding, ensuring regular use.

Realistic Practice: Mirrors real golf experiences for effective practice.

Potential Roadblocks

Market Penetration: Reaching the target audience requires effective marketing strategies.

Production and Inventory: Managing demand before and during peak sales periods.

Flight n' Bite Golf is set to revolutionize indoor golf practice, offering an engaging, skill-enhancing, and year-round solution for serious golfers.

Fulfilling Golf Experience: What drives my customers' purchasing behavior (a fulfilling experience of golf) is exactly what Flight n’ Bite will provide, when nothing else can. Skill Enhancement: Perfect test/expression of backspin control with every shot. Immediate feedback via backspin allows for quick improvement and an engaging, addicting, exciting experience. Year-Round Practice: My customer will be able to practice and experience golf regardless of weather or climate, ensuring continuous skill advancement and fulfillment. Physical and Mental Benefits: Keeps golfers active and reduces anxiety about skill deterioration and lack of access to an experience of golf. Community and Competition: Fosters a sense of community through bringing like golfers together as well as its competitive elements and social media engagement efforts.
What I'll do with $5,000
Business is Two things: Innovation and Marketing. Flight n' Bite provides the Innovation; now I need the Marketing. I will use the $5,000 to Partner with an Experienced, Strategic, and Professional Marketing Firm Create High Quality Promotional Materials and Assets: Partner with a marketing firm to produce engaging content and assets. Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Utilize SEO, Launch targeted ads on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, reaching my customer and exploding sales and engagement. Goal: Use the $5,000 to catalyze a rapid initial sale of 1,000 units, generating capital to purchase more inventory and sustain and expand marketing efforts and meet demand during/Leverage peak sales periods like Black Friday and Christmas/Holiday Season. Outcome: Achieving the first 1,000 sales rapidly will establish presence in the marketplace and build momentum for scaling operations to ultimately sell at least 5,667 more units in year 1 to reach my first Million.
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