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About this idea
My virtual assistant business was born from a deep desire to help small businesses and non-profit organizations grow and succeed. The Correa VA Advantage is a VA business dedicated to empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs by managing tasks so that they can focus on their vision for their company. Inspired by personal experiences, my business aims to offer administrative support to overcome challenges and help others achieve growth. Thanks to my previous experiences and four years of college education in Marketing, Correa VA Advantage provides a variety of services, including administrative support, marketing, email management, travel planning, and more, all tailored to meet unique client needs. Utilizing advanced technology and efficient workflows, we ensure high-quality and consistent results for my clients. At the same time, we want to have a focus on including local assistant support, addressing the growing demand for personalized and secure assistance. Many owners have reached out, saying they feel more comfortable with a local virtual assistant, as it enhances the personal touch and security of the service. I want to be a part of their journey and help overcome the challenges that small businesses often face.
The Correa VA Advantage can significantly impact small businesses by handling routine tasks, allowing owners to focus on their core goals and achieve growth. With this level of support, small businesses and non-profits can continue to do what they do best and contribute more to the community. Our services are meant to meet diverse client needs and build strong, lasting relationships. Additionally, we plan to introduce a paid internship program for college students, offering true entry-level positions that provide a variety of experiences across different fields, supporting their professional development while bringing fresh perspectives to our clients.
What I'll do with $5,000
The best use for the $5,000 would be to grow into a new niche in our plans for social media marketing. We would be tapping into the photography and videography side of the VA business, purchasing equipment to provide the best service for our clients. This would be with a focus to support businesses such as real estate, painters, or other small business that want local assistance in marketing their business. This money will also prioritize acquiring an additional laptop and necessary equipment to support interns, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed. This effort aims to prevent qualified students, who possess the skills and knowledge but don't have the required equipment, from being excluded from participating in the program. Summary of Estimated Costs Camera and Accessories: $1,998 (Camera) + $1,198 (Lens) + $299 (Microphone) + $199 (Tripod) + $159 (Lighting) + $50 (Memory Cards) = $3,903 Computer and Storage: $1,999 (MacBook Pro) + $129 (External SSD) = $2,1288 Additional Accessories: $279 (Gimbal) + $240 (Adobe Subscription) = $519 While it does go over the $5,000 mark, this is the estimated costs of what I am trying to build overall and which this money would greatly help me to achieve that.
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