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About this idea
People have tried and keep trying to be the next Groupon. Groupon and LivingSocial are dying; they failed to innovate, broke local small business trust years ago, and can’t regain it. Their outdated sites and features no longer interest the market. The Nudge is doing it best, proving people want new ways to engage with businesses. They function as the TikTok for business, with 10M users and growing. Young users share videos of themselves engaging locally, and people love watching. They Nudge or drive their people to specific activities in their local cities. It's working for them, but we are different. 91% of consumers check for a discount before purchasing online, showing strong interest in deals. Yet, there's no novel, user-focused approach. We Heart Local targets the 30-50 crowd with disposable income, offering real-time, personalized deals. Our platform goes beyond static posts and videos, engaging users dynamically. Imagine tapping "I'm bored" on our app and receiving tailored offers like 25% off jet ski rentals or a nearby whiskey tasting tour, perfectly matching your preferences and schedule. Our app provides timely, affordable options and helps businesses fill slow periods with targeted offers. This creates a win-win scenario, fostering genuine connections and enhancing customer experiences. Our gamified loyalty program further encourages community engagement through neighborhood challenges and cross-business perks. By seamlessly connecting users with local businesses through AI-driven, dynamic interactions, We Heart Local is revolutionizing how communities engage and thrive.
This isn't just about filling a void left by Groupon. We're at a crucial juncture where uplifting local businesses is essential to preserving our communities' unique identities. Choosing a local taco shop over Taco Bell isn't just about cost or taste; it's about connecting to a community's heritage. We can either allow our neighborhoods to become bland and uniform or fight to maintain their unique spirit and identity. Every local purchase is a stand against the flattening of our diverse cultures. The impact of We Heart Local is the preservation of culture in a society that is becoming more homogenized by national brands and major corporations. When we travel from our hometown to other countries or cities and find ourselves eating at Subway for lunch, grabbing a coffee at Starbucks, we're missing out on a true cultural experience. National chains have a competitive advantage over mom-and-pop stores, and we must support a movement that champions local and small businesses. By supporting We Heart Local, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a statement. You're helping to keep the unique flavors, crafts, and stories of your community alive. You're contributing to a vibrant local economy and a rich cultural tapestry. Let's stand together and ensure our neighborhoods remain as diverse and unique as the people who live in them.
What I'll do with $5,000
I would use the $5,000 to double my user base and increase my value to business customers, which will help attract more paying users. I am launching my paid program at the end of July and currently have six committed customers, with a goal to secure 25 more over the next month. The funds would be used to run a leaderboard prize giveaway, encouraging users to refer their friends and family in exchange for amazing prizes and rewards. With this capital, I believe we can double or even potentially triple our user size. That would be extremely impactful to our story and proof of our ability to grow and scale rapidly.
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