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About this idea
SwivelServe takes the hassle and mess out of preparing and serving meals or snacks. It combines two standard kitchen tools, a serving tray and a cutting board, into a compact and versatile meal prep system that seamlessly transitions from prep to serving. The SwivelServe system includes a three-piece set: a divided serving tray, a rotating cutting board, and a lid. The cutting board sits on the tray and rotates freely, with an opening to quickly transfer cut food into the tray compartments below. The tray has five 2-cup compartments and a center bowl for dips. It also features five non-slip rubber pads to prevent sliding and scratching. Remove the cutting board to serve immediately, or use the leakproof lid for storage and travel. Whether you are making tacos for dinner, putting together a fruit tray for a snack, or need a meat and cheese platter to bring to a party, SwivelServe will make the task more accessible and allow you to serve in style. What makes this innovation appealing is the growth opportunities available for this type of product. As demand for the product increases, new colors and accessories, including removable compartments, will be released to improve functionality and appeal to various consumer preferences. The SwivelServe is available for purchase online at www.swivelserve.com.
User Impact The SwivelServe will significantly enhance the meal preparation experience for the 81% of Americans who prepare more than half of their meals at home by providing a more versatile and space-efficient preparation system. Designed for everything from family dinners to snack platters, it particularly benefits environments where kitchen space is limited. Economical Impact Manufactured in West Michigan, SwivelServe supports the local economy and workforce through a network of suppliers based in Zeeland, Wyoming, and Holland. Environmental Impact Made entirely from recyclable materials, SwivelServe also reflects a commitment to sustainability. Our collaboration with OneTreePlanted supports reforestation efforts across North America, furthering the health of national forests. Market Position Impact With several pending patents, SwivelServe is positioned to secure its domestic and international market position while maintaining the quality and integrity of this innovative product.
What I'll do with $5,000
As a DTC e-commerce brand, a $5,000 investment in SwivelServe will provide the immediate financial support needed to establish our presence on Amazon and stock the initial inventory for sales on the platform. Joining Amazon will connect us to over 310 million active users who are shopping on this online marketplace. Additionally, influencer marketing, one of our key strategies, is enhanced through Amazon-based commissions, which influencers and creators use to promote products, amplifying our reach. Many online publications also use Amazon affiliate links in their articles to direct traffic to specific product listings. Furthermore, SwivelServe’s practicality makes it an ideal wedding gift, appealing to the 45% of couples who register on Amazon. Therefore, the benefit of getting SwivelServe plugged into this online marketplace is that it will play a vital role in the growth and exposure in these early stages of production.
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