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About this idea
BRCĒ's primary use case lies in revolutionizing athletic performance and safety through innovative material technology. The core of BRCĒ's product line is its patent-pending composite material, which is 8 times stronger than steel, 25% lighter than traditional materials, weatherproof, and fire-resistant. This versatile material is used to create a range of high-performance athletic gear, including untie-proof laces, kinesiology tapes, and other wearable sports accessories. By integrating this advanced composite, BRCĒ ensures durability, enhanced safety, and improved performance for athletes across various sports. BRCĒ addresses the significant gap in the market for niche athletic gear that is not optimized for athletes' performance and safety. Traditional materials used in athletic gear often lack the durability, strength, and specific performance enhancements needed by serious athletes. Conventional shoelaces frequently come undone, leading to potential injuries and interruptions during games. Moreover, the materials used in many sports accessories are not sustainable or durable, degrading quickly under stress and environmental conditions. BRCĒ applies this technology to produce: 1.⁠ ⁠Untie-Proof Laces: Stay securely tied during intense activities, reducing interruptions and injury risk. 2.⁠ ⁠Kinesiology Tapes: Offer superior support, flexibility, and durability for enhanced muscle performance and recovery. 3.⁠ ⁠Ankle Braces and Wearables: Provide exceptional support and protection for peak athletic performance. and many more coming forward. Through the online platform, BRCĒ.shop, users can customize and purchase gear, ensuring an innovative and seamless shopping experience. This approach enhances athletic performance, safety, and sustainability, addressing the specific needs of athletes.
BRCĒ has secured an exclusive partnership with Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association & MHSAA providing direct sales and market to over 320,000 athletes in greater Michigan. BRCĒ manufactures specialty athletic gear based on data-driven advantage points and design using the proprietary BRCĒ composite, that is versatile to make virtually all niche athletic gear, not perfected by big brands. BRCĒ athletic gear has been scientifically proven to provide greater comfort, performance advantage and safety to athletes in all major sports in the NCAA. BRCĒ ultimate goal and impact is focused on creating an ecosystem of athletic gear for niche sports and all athletes in high-schools, NCAA and pro-sports no matter what sport, position or leagues athletes may be in. As BRCĒ expands its product offerings and market reach, it aims to target NCAA athletes and teams, as well as the general population. With the ubiquity of sneakers as everyday footwear, the potential market size for BRCĒ's products and services is substantial, encompassing millions of consumers globally.
What I'll do with $5,000
Team BRCĒ will use the $500 to: 1. Complete the ongoing data-driven case studies with 15 D1 athletes across the US for validation and product development of upcoming product lines, ordered for Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, 2. Fund the social-media marketing campaigns with athletes and pop-ups at sports innovation and tech conventions around greater Michigan. 3. Logistics and supply chain expenses for purchase orders. 4. Proceed with the accelerated patent-filing processes for proprietary materials (provisional completed and filed).
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