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About this idea
The world is becoming increasingly complex, so it's difficult to know what to believe and what sources to trust. Therefore, we rely on institutions like the government, employers, and churches. However, these institutions are becoming increasingly unreliable, so we need to make sense of the world ourselves. There are many sources of information that overload us – some more reliable than others and some contradicting others – so, we first need to determine what sources we should trust with help from our connections. We can then start to be confident that what we learn from them is the truth, but we may also want other ways to verify the truth of claims. Finally, once we are confident that what we read is true, then we can share it with others. Unlike news websites, Inspect will not publish clickbait or have paywalls. Unlike other social news reposting services (e.g., Slashdot, Digg), Inspect news is from connections we trust. Finally, unlike mobile apps that provide news updates (e.g., Apple News+), Inspect news is from other people, not from automated algorithms.
People will be able to stay aware of important news and knowing what news is true and what sources are reliable, increasing their confidence in sharing the news with their friends, family, and social media connections. As a result, citizens of our democracy will become more well-informed!
What I'll do with $5,000
I have been working on testing and improving the apps for the past 3 years. An additional $5000 will be enable me to hire help with marketing and business development, who will focus on communications (press releases, advertisements), promotional materials, reader lead generation (especially those passionate about some topics), news companies partnerships to ensure staying within their legal expectations, to get them to establish presences on our platform and publish summaries of their articles, to advertise to/acquire their subscribers, and, eventually, to market readership analytics to them. Also, it will enable me to hire help with software development for the mobile and web apps to continue testing and improving the product. Then, it will help us start sustainably growing within one or more market segments to help us start raising investment funds. For readers, the goal will be to get some readers to start creating summaries and share with others, and to get other readers to donate to them (like “subscribing” to a channel on Twitch.tv), where we charge for financial transactions, possibly to disable advertisements. For news companies, we will work on getting enough readers to tempt the news sources to establish themselves on the Inspect platform, possibly allow us to convert their existing subscribers directly to Inspect followers, and to pay for readership analytics (what people read and how long, what they share, etc.).
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