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About this idea
By combining the sensory distraction of a hard sour candy with the calming effects of adaptogens, the product can help reduce the frequency and intensity of panic attacks. Panic disorder and anxiety medications such as Trazodone and Fluoxetine take about 45 mins to kick. Not only this, but after conducting customer discovery interviews and surveys, I have found that most people who struggle with panic and anxiety prefer the more natural approach and do not want to take medication, or want to simply wean off of it. This dual-action approach offers a quick, on the go, portable method for individuals to regain control during high-stress moments, potentially improving overall mental health and quality of life for those suffering from panic disorder. Not only does Valy help stop panic attacks in their tracks in that moment, but overtime helps decrease anxiety in general in an all natural, holistic way.
Panic attacks are debilitating and can completely change one's life in regards to isolation, cancelling plans, and missing out in fear of one approaching. By being able to take Valy with you on the go, and because most panic attacks occur randomly without knowing when they will happen, having an immediate tool to be able to help distract your brain while also calming your nerves can increase ones well being. Not only this, but the all natural approach reduces the cortisol levels that you would get from sucking on a hard sour candy such as a warhead, which is filled with harmful and disruptive ingredients.
What I'll do with $5,000
With $5,000, I would conduct preliminary clinical trials to test the efficacy and safety of the adaptogen-infused sour candy formulation. This budget would cover sourcing quality ingredients, developing the initial product batch, and partnering with a reputable research organization to conduct small-scale trials. Data collected would guide further refinement of the product and support applications for larger-scale funding.
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