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About this idea
Personality tests fail to reveal the whole picture of the individual. SKAN PRO goes beyond personality by identifying strengths and weaknesses of vital competencies and the frequency with which personality interferes. SKAN PRO does what other assessments do not do: reveals the totality of the human element by taking the guess work of assumed behavior and revealing actual behavior. With so many products on the market today, talent development professionals are looking for something that gives them accurate information about how a worker needs to be developed. SKAN PRO is a platform and assessment all in one giving the talent development director clarity, details, and simplicity for professional development and acquisition.
SKAN PRO helps turn mediocre managers into inspirational influencers. As a result, organizations are enjoying reduced employee turnover, higher productivity and healthier working environments as leaders are realizing that their mannerisms of communication and relationship building were flawed. With deeper insight into one's self and the full understanding of how they are being interpreted, managers are creating better working relationships with workers and finding their influence far more effective.
What I'll do with $5,000
As Execuspect has evolved into a SaaS company, our website is outdated and does not reflect anything beyond our coaching and team training programs. We have a lot of content on our YouTube page but are fully aware that potential clients are likely searching our website and not finding anything about our SaaS. Additionally, we have updates and features that we would like to add to our platform that will create an interactive element between manager and worker for expedited communication about assessment results and concerns. One of the two will be addressed with the grant.
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