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About this idea
We are developing a wearable device that functions like a "metabolic thermostat". Our novel technology will optimize metabolic rate for weight loss and allow the user to have precision control. Preliminary data shows strong evidence of our tech’s ability to increase and then regulate metabolic rate. This technology has the potential to reverse obesity and metabolic disease.
Many have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully and the prevalence of obesity continues to rise. Older adults, in particular, struggle with obesity due to a low metabolic rate and physical inactivity. In 2020, ~42% of US adults were obese, and that figure is expected to grow to ~53% by 2030. Our technology could serve as a primary solution to obesity and redefine obesity medicine by increasing resting metabolic rate, burning calories throughout both day and night. We ultimately aim for FDA approval to treat adult patients struggling with obesity. Based upon projected obesity rates in the US, our anticipated market size for the next 10 years is 103-154 million people.
What I'll do with $5,000
We have collected preliminary data showing early proof-of-concept for this novel technology. However, we would like to gain critical feedback from the potential customer base. By receiving the 5x5 funding opportunity, we will use these funds to develop a customer feedback platform and deploy the online survey at multiple locations. We ultimately plan to submit a Phase I National Science Foundation SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant proposal. Customer feedback, including overall interest and market pricing, will increase Eeogen's funding potential at the next level.
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