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About this idea
Having taught classes and workshops for 4 years, we're excited to expand with a dedicated space. Our goal is to offer more frequent cookie, cake, and cupcake decorating classes, fostering community engagement and creating lasting memories through hands-on learning experiences. Project Description The proposed project involves creating a welcoming and well-equipped classroom where individuals of all ages can learn the art of decorating cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. The classes will cover various decorating techniques, from basic to advanced levels, enabling participants to enhance their baking skills and unleash their creativity. Target Audience Our primary audience includes: - Families looking for fun, educational activities to do together. - Aspiring bakers and hobbyists who want to improve their decorating skills. - Community members interested in learning new and creative skills. Goals and Objectives - **Educate**: Teach participants the fundamentals of baking and decorating. - **Engage**: Create a fun and interactive learning environment. - **Empower**: Provide the tools and knowledge for participants to apply their skills at home. - **Connect**: Build a sense of community through shared experiences and collaborative activities.
This project will have a lasting impact on the community by: Promoting Family Bonding: Families can engage in a fun and educational activity together, creating shared memories. Encouraging Creativity: Participants will learn to express themselves through the art of decorating, fostering creativity and innovation. Providing Social Interaction: The classes offer a platform for social interaction, helping to build a stronger sense of community. Offering Enjoyable Leisure Activities: Community members will have a productive and enjoyable way to spend their free time. Continued Learning and Practice: Participants will take home the skills and techniques they learn, enabling them to continue decorating and baking with their families and friends. This will help reinforce the knowledge gained and encourage ongoing practice. Strengthened Family and Social Bonds: The skills acquired in class can be used to create homemade gifts and treats, fostering more frequent family gatherings and social events. Potential Economic Benefits: Some participants may decide to start their own small baking businesses, contributing to the local economy and promoting entrepreneurship.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5000 would allow me to finish the classroom space. Remodeling the space, removing fix-to the ground furniture from previous business. Building a panel/ wall to divide the kitchen space from the classroom. Patch floor. Painting. Furniture: chairs, tables, kitchenette counter, light fixtures, couch for waiting area.
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