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About this idea
Inspect empowers you to stay informed of important news from trusted sources without feeling overwhelmed by the noise. The Inspect platform contains two apps: a mobile app and a website. The mobile app enables thought leaders to easily create and share meaningful news article summaries when they’re on-the-go. The website shows summaries accessed from social media posts or digest emails, and allows visitors to register for Inspect, interact with web summaries, follow thought leaders, and download the mobile app or receive email digests for when new summaries are shared. Both on the mobile app and website, followers can discuss articles on the summaries, suggest snippets from articles and new headlines to better represent what articles are about, and vote on whether they think the articles are true.
With Inspect, citizens will have access to high-quality news summaries that help them stay informed about important issues. This will lead to more informed discussions and decisions, creating a more engaged populace and ultimately strengthening our democracy.
What I'll do with $5,000
$5000 would enable use to develop our second MVP on our march to achieving problem-solution fit. In addition to software development, this will involve reaching out to thought leaders to evangelize our platform because they have these problems with the news and have hobbled-together solutions. It will enable them to ask for donations from their followers to help pay for news paywalls, and Inspect will take a cut of these transactions. This will help us start growing within one or more market segments with revenue, which will help us raise seed investments, incorporate, and find product-market fit.
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