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About this idea
My family and I have started three businesses and a non-profit in order to help those who have suffered domestic violence or sexual assault. My children and I are survivors of domestic violence and know the struggles that come with leaving a home in order to be safe. I will be opening a safe house to help others just like us to heal and restart. Knowing the struggles of those survivors we have decided to take this dream even further. Opening a wedding venue to allow those survivors to have a behind the scenes job of wanted to have a sense of accomplishment in something uplifting and beautiful. Alongside this secondary project there is a third project of a boarding stable for horses and dogs. Again a behind the scenes employment opportunity if wanted by survivors but this business will also provide horse and canine therapy animals to survivors. All projects are separate from one another but all combined to aid those who have left a horrible situation and restart. Opportunities for employment would be selective and only if survivor is looking for gainful employment away from a public setting. Our safe house will also have a different than most aspect of bringing family pets along, as many victims feel that they cannot leave a beloved pet behind to endure suffering from abuser. Our wedding venue will be the first of our projects to be set up. The building will be one of two historic buildings in need of restoration./rescue. Either building will be rehabilitated and made into a venue with many amenities to host small to large scale events.
There is a huge impact in this extremely large project. We will be rehabilitating historic building in the area to return it to its original beauty. This building will also be revitalized in one of two downtown locations to help the main street population of the town. This’ll be providing a venue to the area in which there are limited venues to be utilized. The boarding stables will be not only available to public for use of boarding horses or dogs but also as an indoor outdoor arena. The stables will provide therapy horses and canines to those who are in need of interaction with animals as a domestic violence or sexual assault survivor. Our safe house will provide a space for individuals or families with pets to be able to escape an abuser while having the safety to restart and rebuild their lives.
What I'll do with $5,000
Depending on what stage we are in at the time that the $5000 is awarded would be used for a specific project in the revitalization of our events building, one specific project will be landscaping to provide vegetation to the property that is in good health. Another project would be to use funds to help create a space for family pets within the property of the safe house, or aiding in our therapy animal program at the boarding facility. This would be used for a specific project within our goal. Giving back to our community and those in need of these services is our ultimate goal.
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