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About this idea
I would like to boost hundreds if not thousands of both Men & Women’s confidence by providing Permanent cosmetic services that enhance their beauty! Thousands of men and women are suffering from hair loss , thinning and sparseness in both the hair on their face as well as their head . Some also suffer from facial scarring & hyperpigmentation on their lips as well as other body parts. By offering Permanent cosmetics i will be able to restore eyebrows as well as hair lines with Nano Strokes Completed with a PMU tattoo pen & Micro Blades that deposit ink into the skin which mimic the appearance of hair strokes. I will also be able to neutralize their lip color to an even tone as well as camouflage uncomfortable scars that impact my customers confidence, Helping restore the appearance of even skin & hair. This will help with many medical conditions that people have no control over as well as those who don’t and just suffer from aging or other natural circumstances.
Those suffering from hereditary Alopecia , Traction Alopecia , Hair Thinning , Hair loss , Sparse Brow hair & hair loss from cancer treatments will benefit most from our Permanent Microbladed Brows , Nano Brows & Ombre Powder brows as well as hair line restoration done with the same technique as Microblading. This will give them the appearance of having brows in the chosen shape they desire that also compliments their natural brow structure and appearance and restore their confidence and inner happiness and quality of life. The hair line restoration will provide the same confidence by giving the appearance of a full hairline as well so that they may wear their hair in any style desired or just show their hair without a hat to hide the thin or bald areas they are self conscious about. The Lip Neutralization will also restore confidence by evening out lip color pigment and the scar camouflage will help enhance beauty by covering and blending in the appearance of scars in unwanted places. My clients will benefit by waking up with not only more confidence but more time to pour into themselves every day with less time focused on applying brow gels , penciling in brows as well as tints , or just by wearing their hair in whatever style they desire without the burden of overwhelming self consciousness.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5,000 will be used to invest in Skill Expansion and Certification. Expanding service lists means that i must expand my skill and learn each technique by taking qualifying 4-5 day classes on each service listed. A portion would go to hair restoration classes & certification , Lip Neutralization classes & certification & Skin Camouflage Classes & Certification so that i may offer a wide range and variety of Permanent cosmetic services . Unfortunately these classes are all separate and cost thousands of dollars to invest in this skill set. In this current economy the dollar amount required for each is hard to come by . This will help me expand entirely and give my business the traction it needs.
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