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About this idea
AgeNGrace Appointment Companions- We drive and accompany you or your loved one for the full duration of your scheduled medical appointments and we take notes. e.g., Colonoscopies/Endoscopies, Chemo, Dialysis, Eye Surgery Procedure and other out pateint procedures. AgeNGrace Emergency/Urgent Care Companions- This situation can be very stressful, we help relieve anxiety by helping with check-in/out process, communicate any needs to the medical staff, take notes and we continue to serve as a Patient Sitter if you are hospitalized. AgeNGrace Patient Sitter Companions- We bring peace of mind, observation, safety, music, reading and conversation to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Rehab facilities. AgeNGrace Respite/Hospice Companions- When primary caregivers need a break, we provide comapnionship that includes- Reading: bible, newspaper, books, music, conversation and more. AgeNGrace Social Companions- We bring joy and companionship to all outings. Family, friends, class reunions, Anniversaries/Birthday Celebrations, all events, theatre/museums, concerts,movies, fine dining, church, weddings and funerals. AgeNGrace serves EVERYONE with Compassion, Dignity, Trust and Grace
Loneliness and social isolation is becoming a growing epidemic among older adults, and every year 700,00 - 1,000,000 patients falls occur in hospitals, Nursing Homes and Homes. AgeNGrace will impact the lives of our aging(older) clients by giving them a unique personlized Companion and Patient Sitter experience like no other. We bring Joy to the isolated aging adult, Relief to the stressed out caregiver and Peace of Mind to family & friends who can't visit their Homebound/Hospitalized/Nursing Home aging loved one as often as they would like. AgenGrace believe that quality of life for our aging adults is EVERYTHING!
What I'll do with $5,000
This 5,000 will help us to begin to purchase inventory. We bring activities to our clients in an AgeNGrace logo suitcase. We will begin to purchase suitcases, logo suitecase covers, different activities, games, adult coloring books and more to place inside our suitcases. AgeNGrace will purchase IPads for employees to download additonal games, music and reading material for our clients. It would also help cover day-to-day cost. Help to cover transportation insurance and investing in marketing as well. Upgrade website, and purchase advertisement for AgeNGrace Facebook Page and other Social Media Sites.
About Yvonne Cones

Hi my name is Yvonne, I am 60 yrs old, married for 37yrs and I have 2 adult children. I own Age N Grace Appointment & Companion Service for the aging adult. I am a certified Health Minister, also in the process of becoming a certified vegan chef cook.

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