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About this idea
AgeNGrace Professional Appointment Companion & Patient Sitter Service for the Aging Adult As an Appointment Companion- AgeNGrace focus is to provide our aging clients with a unique personlized companionship and patient sitter experience by engaging them in activities and real interaction that produce Joy. AgeNGrace will drive and accompany you or your loved one for the full duration of your scheduled medical appointments, ie; ColonoscopiesEndoscopies, Chemo, Dialysis and other outpatient procedures. (taking notes when needed) Emergency/Urgent care visits, social visits and outings. As a Patient Sitter Companion, AgeNGrace will bring peace of mind, observation, safety, music,reading and conversation to the Hospital, Nursing Home, Hospice, and Rehab Center. Serving your beloved with Compassion, Dignity, Trust and Grace
AgeNGrace will impact the lives of our Aging Elderly clients by giving them a unique personalized companionship and patient sitter experience like no other. We bring Joy to the isolated aging elderly, Relief to the stressed out caregiver and PEACEof MIND to the family and friends who can't visit Homebound/Hospitalized/Nursing Home elderly loved one as often as they would like. AgeNGrace believe quality of life for our aging adults is everything.
What I'll do with $5,000
We bring our activites to our clients in a AgeNGrace suitcase. We would purchase not only the suitcase but the activities, and games, adult coloring books etc; to place inside as well. AgeNGrace will purchase Ipads for each employees to download certain music and reading material. We will also purchase companion care software system to keep track of employeee, billing, payroll, client companion management. Communication tools for family as well. Traing for the Employees i will also use the 5,000 to upgrade my wedsite to make it look more professional. i woulk like to market AgeNGrace throgh purchasing advertisment through Facebook. I would mail introduction to my busines to doctor office, nursing homes, medical social workers and hospitals.
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