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About this idea
Online dating is dying! 1) No one likes the experience! 2) Many good people are getting zero matches! 3) And it's too expensive to boot! Amare is fixing online dating! 1) Unlike swiping to death, you get one match per week that is specifically chosen for you! 2) You are more than pictures, so why swipe on them? Amare uses only headshots to emphasize the depth of users, not their physical appearance. 3) Advanced Artificial Intelligence means better matches using a more detailed profile the user provides! Each week the users get more chances to tell Amare more about themselves! In addition, users give feedback on how they liked their past matches, and can update their profiles as they grow into better versions of themselves! 4) One flat fee! At $4.99 per match Amare, matches you with one date each week. You can always pass, but we really encourage users to chat and grab a coffee. Who knows, you just might find LOVE! At Amare we believe the current online dating apps are made to get your money and not help you find love. We use an advanced AI matching algorithm we developed to better match you and thus help you find genuine love! Our flat-fee structure means you aren't being exploited for more "fake likes" from "fake people" who don't message back, but you are going to be setup with someone. Let’s fix online dating for good by building better profiles, using better AI matching algorithms, and putting more emphasis on what really matters for long-term healthy relationship!
The initial target user group of Amare is single people aged 18-29 who are burned out on traditional dating apps but still want a build a long-term monogamous relationship. Theses users will directly benefit the most from our app. To begin, we are specifically targeting straight, gay, and lesbian couples. As Amare grows, we plan to extend support for all our friends in the LGBT+ communities. In addition, we hope to extend upward age wise into the 30-44 and 45+ demographics soon. At Amare we aim to support those looking for long-term, monogamous relationships, for example Marriage. We do not, and never will, support users in the "hook-up" culture. We are aiming to help solve the loneliness epidemic, that only got worse after the Pandemic. If you are lonely, burned out swiping and getting no response, Amare is for you.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5000 will go directly toward our Spring 2024 launch of the Amare app. The $5000 will help cover several costs including: 1) $2000 for guerrilla marketing for launch: postering, flying, person-to-person 'evangelism' 2) $1000 for CSS/web app designer expertise - the front end needs some polishing and a targeted design/css expert can really be of service to ensure the appearance of the app is professional. 3) $2000 for production server costs and AI model running (detailed cost list can be provided)
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