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About this idea
Our product is a two-sided marketplace for student athletes and brands. Brands and athletes have the opportunity to create a profile on the platform and integrate their social media accounts. We then utilize those integrated accounts to get insights on both parties' audiences such as location, education status, gender, brand affinity, class status, and engagement rates to make recommendations for partnerships. Brands also have the opportunity to seamlessly search and filter based on their targeted needs. Once a brand has identified an athlete influencer that will reach their target audience, they are presented with templates of successful campaign structures and an analytical pricing recommendation to seamlessly help them create the right marketing campaign for the athlete to facilitate. Once the campaign is created and submitted, athletes have the opportunity to either accept, deny, or counter. If an athlete accepts a campaign, we hold the payment in escrow until it is confirmed that it has been completed by both parties. Once confirmed, we disburse payments into the athlete's connected bank account and/or a supplied Mastercard backed cash card for athletes who are not yet in the banking system.
Less than 2% of all athletes in revenue generating sports actually advance to play professionally. Creating this platform changed the amateur sports industry forever; by providing athletes the tools and knowledge to take advantage and accelerate their name, image, and likeness. We are for the first time in history being able to give athletes the chance to monetize their talents before going pro. This not only provides financial stability for student athletes who according to the National College Player Association, 86% of college athletes mostly from black communities live below the poverty line. It also provides an influx of capital into the communities that they come from.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5,000 will be used on the software https://www.re2.ai/ which allows us to prospect 100+ businesses a day within regions of our target universities and allows us to automate our sales process to reach our goal of 500k in revenue by the end of the year. Currently we are only able to reach around 40 businesses a week because of the time that it takes to identify, research, and locate contact information for these companies. By increasing the amount of businesses we can increase sales and decrease our cycle.
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