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July 22, 2024 11:59 am

About this idea
Bambo is a social media and streaming platform that helps new artists connect to new listeners that want to listen to new music. Helping listeners find that beautiful earcandy and helping artists expand their fan base. But what makes us different from our competitors is that we only give the musician 15 seconds to preview their song with additional video background. Listeners then would watch these previews from the musicians with ease and speed. If they’re interested in listening to the entire song, they can swipe right, add the song to their preferred streaming app and start bopping. If it’s not part of their taste, they can swipe up and stream the next song.
I’ve talked with many young musicians and young listeners, and both have a common struggle between each other. Musicians have a hard time finding fans and fans have a hard time finding new music. Musicians have a very hard time making a living through their passion of music.
What I'll do with $5,000
I'll use the $5,000 prize to market and build awareness for my startup idea.
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