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About this idea
Safety features, scales and heaters are built in, to make the soap production faster and safer. With our Berry Bot, when pro Soap makers are ready to produce, for example; they can select 25lbs of soap on a digital screen, and the berry bot will automatically calculate and dispense, within 15 minutes or less they have a full batch of soap. The results: Soap makers can immediately adapt and respond to customer demands and continue to grow their businesses while keeping their employees safe.
On-demand production, represents a shift from traditional mass production towards a more personalized approach that revolves around manufacturing goods based on immediate customer demand. This transition is instrumental in optimizing resource utilization, thereby reducing waste and excess inventory. By actively participating in the creation process, consumers gain the power to customize products to align perfectly with their unique requirements and preferences. This approach not only fosters a stronger connection between producers and consumers but also offers the advantages of efficient production, minimized transportation costs, quicker response times and lowering carbon foot print.
What I'll do with $5,000
We are currently patent pending, the $5,000 would be used to cover the utility patent work or the trademark work. Legal work is very expensive and even 5k is not enough but it would help greatly.
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