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About this idea
Beyond Forests provides a simple kit and app that guides users to beautiful suitable cremation spreading locations and helps them save, share, and remember their loved one and their location indefinitely. National Parks Conservancy Land Lake Michigan Your own backyard Each memorial as distinct as the life they lived in the places they loved.
Grief continues to be the unspoken elephant in the room. With Beyond Forests we not only plan on helping you memorialize your loved one and finding the perfect location for a memorial, we want to help you continue that relationship. Through our Grief Outreach and Care Marketplace you'll be able to form new language around your new reality, form new relationships with grievers, and mark special occasions with gifts and remembrances. It is our most sincere wish that we can create a new community that surrounds the grieving and create new spaces to heal in.
What I'll do with $5,000
We are testing our MVP right now, 5k will go to hosting more info nights (rental space, advertising, & cookies) and purchasing more inventory for our code cards and kits. Our kits cost about $15 per kit with printed materials, laser printed wooden card, ribbon, box, tree pendant and shipping. We plan to host information nights to our early adopters and show them how to utilize the technology and get feedback. We have about a half a dozen kits in the wild right now and are planning to get more out as soon as possible.
About Jamie Kramer

Jamie Kramer (Beyond Forests) has a background in television news, film, and radio and was recently elected into the Leelanau County Commission. Jamie's interests include death, trees, and politics which is why she is so thankful for her husband and two children because she can't imagine what that would look like on a dating profile.

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