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About this idea
What if a simple keycard could unlock technology that could give loved ones who chose cremation a memorial anywhere, without the boundaries of a funeral home or a cemetery? We could spend time with them in the most beautiful places in the world. National Parks Conservancy Land Your own backyard and finally set them free. Upon entering our technology, loved ones will find two portals, one that allows you to record the exact GPS location with a memorial page. And one that assists in finding a location with data on every national park, city parks like central park, permissions, permits, everything you will need to find the perfect location for your loved one’s memorial. Beyond Forests is the first company to work with Block-Chain technology to create a legacy lock for our users. Meaning that your loved one’s information will be guarded and protected forever. And because we want to remain with you and help you continue that relationship we plan to help you celebrate birthdays, holidays, and help you feel connected through our Care Marketplace, a place for meaningful gifts and remembrances.
By 2040 80% of Americans will choose cremation. In 1960 that number was only 3%. This generational shift is happening so quickly the death industry is scrambling to catch up. People don’t know where to put ashes after cremation because it's confusing. At every other step in the process there is something to do. 1. You call the funeral home 2. They pick up the deceased 3. Cremate maybe buy an urn 4. Ceremony What’s next???? No one really knows…. We know that about a third of people will bury in a cemetery, and a third of people scatter and a third just end up with ashes at home. Funeral experts estimate that 70 million are sitting on a shelf just like Grandma Ruth here. When someone dies, nothing makes sense and then we are tasked with making the best decisions for our loved ones when frankly choosing what's for breakfast is a monumental feat. Even in this messy time -- consumers are choosing something else, anything else…even if they don’t know what it is. People need a clear path to a next step. They need options laid out before them on where you can legally, safely, scatter ashes on land that you know will be protected. We do that. Memorize loved ones in nature so people can spend time with their loved ones where they feel the closest, in nature. We create community by creating an inbound marketing structure to meet people on key days of grief and teaching them how to better cope. And we know that we won't flourish unless the environment does as well, that's why we are partnering with one-tree planted and are dedicated to conserving land...our goal is 100,000 acres to offset the carbon from cremation. Generational healing in a tiny little card.
What I'll do with $5,000
Purchase inventory and labor for our kits that we will use for beta testing and sell in funeral homes and online. Right now we have two online retailers Reflections https://www.reflections-urns.com/ (services over 1600 funeral homes) and Stardust Memorials https://www.stardust-memorials.com/ who are interested in purchasing our product when we go to market. We are still figuring out bugs and sending kits to early supporters. The 5k will assist us in this lift. Paying labor $15 per hour and our kits actually cost $15 as well for materials and shipping.
About Jamie Kramer

Jamie Kramer (Beyond Forests) has a background in television news, film, and radio and was recently elected into the Leelanau County Commission. Jamie's interests include death, trees, and politics which is why she is so thankful for her husband and two children because she can't imagine what that would look like on a dating profile.

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