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About this idea
BRCĒ is built on the there pillars of customizability, comfort and innovation. To achieve these pillars, BRCĒ has developed a patent-pending composite of Aramid fibers and Polyester that is 25% lighter than conventional athletic gear material, 8x stronger, untie-proof, fire-resistant and weather-proof. Customizability: BRCĒ offers shoelaces and sneaker laces in numerous colors, lengths, and style. This provides the customer with endless possibilities in sustainable use of sneakers, increasing the longevity and minimizing loss of resale value. Comfort: BRCĒ's composite allows for shoelaces to be more durable and have more grip. The EVA-foam aglets increase the longevity of the lace itself, and minimizes the wear and tear. The special technology allows the shoelaces to precent untying. Innovation: The BRCĒ composite will solve the problems of constantly untying, wear and tear and lack of customizability options. This same composite will be used to manufacture athletic performance-gear due to the unique features and performance advantages this material provides with lighter weight and damage resistance. This proprietary material is being used to create sneaker laces accessories, which are set to release in late-March 2024.
BRCĒ is solving a centuries old problem. For the past century, there has been no innovation in shoelaces. Shoelaces constantly untie, they go through wear and tear and have no customizability options. BRCĒ's patent pending technology will solve these problems. BRCĒ is using its proprietary, patent-pending composite of Aramid fibers and Polyester that is 25% lighter than conventional athletic gear material, 8x stronger, untie-proof, fire-resistant and weather-proof. The sneaker market in the United States is made of over 28 million people, growing by 18% every year according to Nike and Statista. In Michigan, the sneaker market is made of over 700,000 people. BRCĒ is targeting these people, with its first product line, sneaker laces and accessories. For sneakerheads, BRCĒ has integrated the composite & EVA-foam for grip, durability and crease-avoidance in sneakers. BRCĒ laces prevent the loss of gamete due to trips and untying, minimize creasing, and allows sneakers to slip on (never having to be tied again). This allows the shoelaces to not untie, while catering to sneakerheads with endless customizability, comfort and sustainable longevity of sneakers. The sport-specific athletic performance-wear market in the United States is worth over $2.4 billion dollars. BRCĒ is developing athletic performance merchandise to give athletes a competitive advantage with the benefits of the patent-pending 'BRCĒ' composite, that is lighter, stronger and weather-proof. R&D is being currently done in this area. BRCĒ is redesigning the athletic and performance accessories space by centering the product around the customer and making sure that they get the best out of their products, while leaving a sustainable impact on the world. BRCĒ is THE intersection of fashion and sports technology.
What I'll do with $5,000
BRCĒ will use the $5000: 1. to sponsor sneaker conventions and local sports events like marathons and sustainable fashion pop-ups to showcase its products and spread the message on sustainable fashion. 2. to launch a targeted marketing campaign to increase brand visibility, and create popularity in the west Michigan area's sneakers scene. 3. to test BRCĒ products at UofM and Michigan State, other schools and colleges around west Michigan, for analysis on competitive advantage and performance in sports.
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