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About this idea
A custom sustainable AR styling app that can assist you with smart fashion, based off color selection, personality test and mood. You will be connected with a local designer based off your location to get a custom garment made or hand picked from their collection, all from the comfort of your home. This app will also include a styling guide that allows you to set up a meeting with your virtual stylist and try on clothes hands free from their collections using AR technology. The app will suggest styles for you based off the occasion, and mood you’re in, and keep track of the weather to suggest the most appropriate outfit for the event. The custom pieces designed by your designer will be available in your look book and able to try on digital before purchasing. This will be done by using AR fashion technology.
People who’re always on the go and need a pocket digital stylist. People who want new styling ideas or custom clothing and schedules are too busy to meet with a tailor or designer, can benefit from using this app. This app will make your everyday life easier, the average person takes at least 17 minutes per day trying to figure out what to wear, using the Breon Aries app will save you 6,205 hours a year. All from using 1 app.
What I'll do with $5,000
This money will help assist with getting the app phase 2 developed. I have been working on developing phase 2 for my styling app, and plan to use the money to assist with launching phase 2. This money will help with getting the production started so testing and future launching can be available on all app platforms. This money will help with getting the app phase 2 completed. This money will help with production on developing my style app and will impact the impact the future life for people locally and globally.
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