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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
A custom sustainable tailoring app that can assist you with body measurements to get a custom garment made, from the comfort of your own home. This app will also include a styling guide that allows you to upload the clothing in your closet to be styled with a professional stylist or give you an idea on an old garment in your closet being repurposed into something new. The app will suggest styles for you based off items in your closet collection and keep track of the weather to suggest the most appropriate outfit for the day. The custom pieces designed by your designer will be available in your look book and able to try on digital before purchasing. This will be done by using AR fashion technology.
People who have clothing in their closet, and don’t have time to pick out their own clothes. People who want new styling ideas or custom clothing and schedules are too busy to meet with a tailor or designer, can benefit from using this app. This app will make your everyday life easier, the average person takes at least 17 minutes per day trying to figure out what to wear, using the Breon Aries app will save you 6,205 hours a year. All from using 1 app daily.
What I'll do with $5,000
This money will help assist with getting the app better developed. I have been working with app developers that are wanting to help assist with the execution of development. This money will help with getting the production started so testing and future launching can be available on all app platforms. There will be a monthly $9.99 subscription or yearly subscription for $99 dollars for the year. This money will help with getting the tools I need for production on developing my business and this app will impact the future life for people locally and on a global level. Giving people more time to relax while we do the simple work. It’s the future of fashion and will help people be more productive. The money will also assist with the production of more unique garments that are sustainable, more research on AR fashion and licensing of 3D technology.
About Elonda Willis

Grand Rapids local, my focus is on sustainable textile design. I have two sustainable labels Breon Aries and IBHB. I’ve been designing for over 13 years. I’ve a had a design studio, but after the pandemic had a lot of financial hardships taking care of my grandfather that passed this year. I couldn’t get approved for business loans due to my debt to income ratio from MSU, it’s been a struggle to land a textile design job and many doors have been slammed in my face, but I continue to not give up. I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter that’s looking up to me, so if I was selected this money would help me get the tools I need to expand my business and help me move a step further in my design career.

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