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About this idea
The solutions for men’s mobility training are few and not very attractive. That is why most men today are in pain. Yoga class, pilates class and gymnastic classes may work to improve mobility-strength... but men don’t like to do these things. The secret to living a Pain-Free lifestyle comes from a person's ability to use the Primary Shapes to do the daily activities of your life. What are the Primary Shapes? The Primary Shapes are embryonic development patterns that occur naturally as we learn to use our bodies from infancy through childhood. The Primary Shapes are the alphabet to how we move and have a lot of internal health benefits. The purpose of the Bricks & Sticks mobility-strength program is to provide a system to make it easy to practice and improve the Primary Shapes as part of your daily life: There are two gaps in the Men’s mobility market. The first is lack of Information. Men are simply not being fed the correct information to help reverse the pain they are feeling. The world tells them they are getting old, and many accept that answer as part of the plan because they have been shown no other way. Using your Bricks & Sticks to make the Primary Shapes is the other way. The second is lack of Personalized Execution. Men are different and the processes they use and need to develop and train their bodies and personal and internal. The Bricks & Sticks program is delivered onine as series of episodic workshops. This allows for personalization for learning, processing and internalizing the lessons. The end result of the Bricks & Sticks program is that you will own new habits, personalize around your life. The online component of the Bricks & Sticks program allows me to package the conversations, demonstrations, and leadership men into a series of programs and lessons they can understand and relate to.The increasing number of people in work from home lifestyles, also means the number of people who need better in-home movement habits will continue to rise. Bricks & Sticks are body weight mobility-strength tools. They are designed to help make the Primary Shapes more accessible in your daily life. They are and easy to use, easy to progress and versatile way of learning to live a Pain-Free Lifestyle
The World is a Better Place with Better Movers... This is the mantra and the core intention of the Bricks & Sticks mobility-strength program. If you visit my website, www.theunconventionalman.com, you can find detailed description of my movement philosophy. My mission to improve health is build providing/teaching concepts that make it easier being a "Better Mover" easier to achieve. There are some uniques feature of being a human being. Humans are vertical creatures, therefore posture must be a key component of our training. Humans are gifted with thumbs and an achilles tendons; what special skills do these allow for and how/why should we train them. These are scientific questions, but the answer are truly pertinent to your daily life. My objective is to bridge this gap by providing easy to understand and practice concepts and systems. That's what Bricks & Sticks and the Primary Shapes are, the science of movement and biology, in some easy things to do. For example: Sitting on the floor is better for the body! The floor provides feedback to the spine for posture and core strength. The provides feedback to strengthen and lengthen everything for your hamstring to your low back. These are facts and I no longer have to share with a Bricks & Sticks user, these are facts they will experience and the practice the straddle primary shape. People follow those in position of leadership In a perfect world mobility, flexibility and self care would be part of daily life. I teach my clients to conscious focus on creating the world around them in a way the leads to a pain-free life. My focus on people in positions of leadership is done with the understanding that this improved perspective will space and permission for those around them to follow their example. Pain-Free People make more pleasant decisions
What I'll do with $5,000
1. Create Content Library / Hire a Videographer My first hire is to be a videographer to help create the video and marketing content to accompany and sell the product. I am creating a lifestyle product so my materials need to be produced in a way that appeals to the target market. Content will be filmed in seasons, like a Netflix series, to create a binge like effect for consumption. The episodic style produced content will make for exciting marketing campaigns and a better customer experience. This will increase client usage and share-ability. Members will enjoy a high quality video, with informative captions, breakouts, and highlights; all with a fantastically engaging host. 2. Manufacture the First 100 Units
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