5×5 Night at Start Garden!
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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
Broken Stitches is constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging traditional notions of perfection. With a focus on individuality and self-expression, the brand is dedicated to creating pieces that are both unique and wearable. The designer's approach to design is heavily influenced by their own personal experiences, and they aim to create clothing that reflects the diverse and complex nature of humanity.
My brand  caters to a wide range of customers, from those who want to make a statement with bold and unconventional designs, to those who are looking for more understated and classic pieces. Whether you're a business person or an entertainer, Broken Stitches has something for everyone.
What I'll do with $5,000
I would get my clothing line to mass production and endorse to the local stores such ass Macy’s ,Sears and other stores.
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