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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
Bubble Fun that is made for everyone! Our bubble wands have been specially designed so that there are no limitations when it comes to bubble play. Not everyone has the capability to blow bubbles and everyone knows plastic made toys don't last, and that's why we have designed quality bubble wands handmade from wood and rope to give un-bubble-ievable bubbles like never before experienced! Our bubble wands bring out the inner child in us all for hours of endless fun.
Children, Teachers, Adults who are needing a little extra Fun in their lives are all going to benefit from the success of Bubbles R Fun! Who doesn't need more fun and play time in their life? Just imagine a world where everyone is stressed less, operating at their full potential because they are full of good happy energy? Now imagine a toy that can offer science or steam lessons?! Well that's exactly what we've done at Bubbles R Fun and the best part is the bubble magic lasts forever!
What I'll do with $5,000
This $5,000 will specifically be going to packaging and manufacturing. Bubbles R Fun has connected with a company Wynalda Packaging to assist with the wand and packaging design so that it can be shelf ready for more Meijer retail locations. This would make it possible so that other products can go on to the shelves. This funding would also go towards moving to a manufacturing company to make the bubble wands. This will be a huge step forward in taking the company from a small craft business to a large toy manufacturer.
About Brianna Garrett

I am an entrepreneur and flow artists from Lansing, MI. Sharing my passion and joy for bubbles with others!

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