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About this idea
CABA! We have invented a traveling changing table for special needs. This will come in three different sizes and lengths. 0-50 pounds, 50-120 and 120-300 pounds. This will come with a traveling bag and a pop-up privacy tent. The tent will collapse and fold down and go right into the bag. The bag will be able to be worn as a backpack style or be versatile to hang up on the back of a wheelchair. The product also will be heat resistant and waterproof material for changing so the soil in does not seep through the material when you change your person. Also will collapse with a push of a button and have a safety strap to keep the person from falling off when they are being changed. This product will be able to be used anywhere needed. From the soccer field, to the playground, to restaurants, to a the airport, to a hotel, to the hospital, camping, anywhere you need a changing table to change your person in need. You would now have the options to have one accessible with our product.
This will impact and help anyone that needs to be changed! From 0-300 pounds! My son is 10 years old and still in diapers. Changing tables don’t work for us since he is to big and when they are available don’t work for us. Changing tables need to be accessible everywhere you go! I feel this will help many mommies and daddies get out of their home and be able to change the person anywhere they go!
What I'll do with $5,000
This money would help us be able to start up and fund some financial backing to present to manufacturers so we can get some products made! We are in the process of applying for grants and getting some financial backers to help us start our business up and get products in the hands people that really need this.
About Cheri Tamburro

We have in invention we came up with for our son with amazing abilities (Specail needs). We would love to be seen and find a reputable manufacturing company to make our product! We are paten pending status as a three months ago, and we have a virtual tour being made, and a brochure already completed! We would love to be consider for this! The product is called CABA (Changing Any Butts Anywhere). It is a Specail needs traveling changing table. It will come in 3 different sizes and weights will hold 0-50, 50-130, and 130-300 pounds. This will also be heat resistant, water and soil resistant (won’t seep through), and come with a pop up privacy tent to change you person anywhere you go! We have more details to be shared soon. Thank you!

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