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January 22, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
We have all struggled to use the current websites out there to search for a vehicle and as soon as you reach out to a dealer, you get a call right away and they want you to come into their dealership. We have made a platform that flips the process in reverse and the consumer posts a car that they want for free, and the dealers pay a $999.00 yearly fee and do all of the work to find that car for the consumer. They also can only send a message to the consumr inside our platform and can only see their first name. If they try to send another message without hearing from the buyer, then they are blocked.
Our platform will help the consumer with ease of finding the exact car that they want with no spamming and will help the dealer by having a direct consumer with a specific need that can also add in if they have a trade in and can do a soft credit check to be pre qualified for loans and are a serious buyer.
What I'll do with $5,000
We have a beta site out right now but we have a ton of development that needs to be done to make our site the way it needs to be.
About Paul Jaques

Paul Jaques is the Burgess Institute’s Managing Director for Venture Creation at Michigan State University. Paul works directly with Spartan student venturers as they take their ideas to market reality. Paul brings a long track record of successful venture creation, with several startups of his own, including CarTropic.com- making the way people buy cars easier, a recruiting firm WeConnectTalent, Brickshield, a semi-permanent adhesive for plastic brick toys like Lego, Three8, 3PL, a logistics and e-commerce company. He’s also an early-stage investor and Venture Partner with Exit Quotient Ventures, an early stage fund located in Lansing, MI. He serves as an advisor for several startups, and, in his spare time, wrote a children’s book, Best Friend Dad. Before the Burgess Institute’s formation, Paul worked at Spartan Innovations as the Director of Student & Community Engagement. He also served as the Associate Director of Business & Career Engagement for MSU Career Services. He is the co-creator of Art Alley, NeoCenter, YSG, the Hatching, Conquer Accelerator, and the Momentum Pre-Accelerator. Paul earned his Bachelor’s in Advertising/PR from Grand Valley State University and his Master’s in Public Relations from Michigan State University.

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