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About this idea
Cassie Puffs are a low calorie and low carb snack. They are gluten free and very tasty. The idea for Cassie Puffs came about when I realized that there were not many healthy alternative snacks in stores. That is when my idea struck and I decided to bring it to life. Hope you enjoy!
My idea can change people's lives because it is much healthier than most snacks on the market. Nowadays snacks are filled with artificial preservatives and things of that nature. Cassie Puffs are made using all natural ingredients that can help people stay away from those unhealthy food items. More specifically it can benefit those with gluten allergies who may not be able to eat certain products. This snacks brings everyone together and can make them all healthier one step at a time!
What I'll do with $5,000
I am trying to create a product to stay. In order to do so there is one specific thing that needs to be done. I am in need of new packaging. With the $5,000 I will be able to use that money to create a new packaging that not only is more appealing to consumers but also will help me be more efficient. With new packaging I can prolong the shelf life of my product which will help it reach more people. Once again the goal is to create a product that anyone and everyone can enjoy and in order to reach as many people as possible I will need to make my product and brand stand out.
About Nani Nascimento

Hi! My name is Claudilane, but you can call me Nani! I was born and raised in Brazil until I moved to America in 2000, living in Florida. In 2017, my family and I moved to West Michigan, and that is where “Nani Girl Snacks” came to life. Growing up, I used to eat a variety of products made from cassava that were very memorable to me and my childhood. Since moving to America, I’ve noticed that there are very few cassava-based products on the market and I decided that I wanted to change that, while also sharing a part of my story with the world. I hope you enjoy “Cassie Puffs” and have as much fun eating them as I do!

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