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About this idea
Celestial Fruit is a new small business that focuses on yoni steaming through organic herbal blends and steam parties. Yoni steaming is a holistic wellness and self-care treatment where women kneel or sit over steaming water with an herbal blend. We currently offer three herbal blends for use at home and steam party packages at our yoni steam studio.
Yoni steams have been used by women of many cultures globally for centuries as a holistic routine in vaginal health and wellness. Depending on the herbal blend used, yoni steaming has many benefits, such as soothing cramps, regulating abnormal menstrual flow, decreasing heavy menstrual cycles, and many other sexual and reproductive health benefits. It is also a great way to relax, uplift, nurture, and connect within. We hope to help women become more intuned with their minds, body, and spirit and provide a space for them to better connect with and celebrate themselves and one another. Self-care and wellness go hand in hand as both tend to what we need externally and internally. Tamara, one-half of Celestial Fruits, has personally suffered from painful cramps leading up to and during her cycle in her teens and adult life. Three years ago, she felt defeated by yet another painful menstrual cycle; not wanting to take birth control or other medications, she searched for a holistic approach to care for this issue. Her search led to learning more in-depth about yoni steams and the different benefits various herbs provide when steamed. Inspired and hopeful, she sought multiple herbs to make a blend catered to her needs and try it for herself. Creating a relaxing environment at home, she prepared her yoni steam that turned out to be a wonderful and relaxing experience as soon as she was seated. It not only left her feeling more confident, but her first cycle post steam was also the easiest she'd ever experienced! It quickly became a part of her self-care routine. Through our herbal blends and yoni steam parties, we have the potential to help resolve the discomfort and anxieties we face in concerns to or sexual and reproductive wellness and the ways we may feel about our bodies. We plan to offer a space for friends and sisters to commune, relax and mend. A space where mothers can help welcome their daughters into womanhood and own rather than fear the physical and personal journey she is about to take. A space where people will leave inspired and can create these experiences at home if they desire. Herbal steaming has been practiced mainly by women, but we are an inclusive space as well. In our journey with Celestial Fruit, we discovered that men are discovering herbal steaming for their benefit; we offer couples packages for a relaxing and bonding moment and plan to introduce specially curated blends for digestive, circulatory, and prostate benefits. Celestial Fruit hopes to help all people explore another way to nurture themselves from the inside out.
What I'll do with $5,000
If awarded the $5,000, we plan to use it to the money to help with: Product and service specific certifications and training (EX: Yoni Steam Practitioner Certification) Upgrade our packaging (eco-friendly packaging goals) Supplies to efficiently and effectively provide services on location (steam gowns, towels etc.) Continue remodeling our yoni steam studio Marketing and Advertising
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