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About this idea
Cetch Dx is a veterinary reference lab that is providing a simpler and more affordable way to get preventative care and lab testing for your pets. We can save pet parents up to 70% on routine lab testing by providing service directly to pet parents. Our goal is to be affordable and convenient. We offer pet parents the option to visit a local clinic or we can collect samples at your home. We give the flexibility to order testing a-la-carte or sign up for a membership that will cover routine/wellness care (e.g., routine exams, vaccines, bloodwork, grooming and more). Our wellness membership is the most comprehensive available on the market. Our certified lab tech and state-of-the-art lab will be able to provide results to pet parents within 24 hours while being accessible 24/7 through our app and website. Additionally, we will provide laboratory services to shelter, and vets to function as a typical reference lab.
Over the last few year, pet ownership has increased tremendously. It has outpaced an already strained veterinary industry. With few vets and a shortage of staff it has gotten more difficult to see a vet for routine care. Additionally, the cost of pet healthcare has been on the rise as well. The US is already spending over $40 Billion a year on routine/wellness care. According to a recent study from University of Tennessee, nearly 1/3 of Americans can't afford veterinary care. It's estimated that 66% of pet in low-income households have never been to a vet at all! Our goal is to provide more access to affordable diagnostic and preventative care for all pet parents.
What I'll do with $5,000
$1k - Additional microscope and Lab consumables (e.g., test tubes, slides, coverslips, pipettes, gloves) $2k - secure lease for a new lab location (2 months) $1k - Social media ads and email campaigns $1k - Tech infrastructure and advanced features (e.g., web and app hosting, 3rd party api, analytics)
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