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About this idea
CFit's retail storefront is designed to accommodate fitness classes and pop-up shops thus drastically reducing overhead costs for entrepreneurs working to grow their enterprises. Traditional costs to open your own gym or storefront are expensive and unattainable for a new business. These costs as well as having an unproven business creates many hurtles for a new entrepreneur to realize their goals. CFit Community solves this problem by allowing fitness instructors and creators (retail) to rent the space for $25/hr. The space is currently fitted with a snack station, sanitation station and a mirrored wall, making it recognizable and instagramable for organic growth. CFit Community will also host pop up shops during the holiday season as well as special events through out the year to become a thriving community hub.
CFit Community provides the most benefit to entrepreneurs in Fitness and Retail followed by the local community. We've listed the impacts below. - Retail Entrepreneurs (creators) can use CFit Community as a space to show off their products and goods in person. Purchasing online can be a hurdle to showcasing quality and cutting through competition. At CFit creators can host in person events as well as participate in popups to meet new customers. - Fitness Entrepreneurs can grow their business at a low cost. CFit has a great space to host classes and with this grant we will be able to add a sound system and other fitness equipment to help these businesses grow. - The local community will also feel the impact. As CFit grows the community will have a space to learn more about health and fitness as well as spend their money directly with small businesses who in turn purchase additional goods and hire within the community.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5,000 prize will allow CFit Community to provide creators and instructors additional support through purchasing various equipment to fit their needs (vendor tables/chairs, product displays, sound equipment, fans and gym materials to build out a weight room in the back room. We're planning on adding traditional olympic lifting equipment (squat and bench racks, hexagonal deadlift bars, plated weights and dumbbells) in the back room. If there is any funding left it will be used for event marketing and event signage.
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