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About this idea
•Acquire a contract with the WIC department/ Opening near by store. • My purpose is to open a store where It can be use as pick-up or delivery at the customer convenience as well as coming in to the store, • Build a program where it has never been offered before. The plus goal is to build a app of comfort for customers. • Having quality, reliability, innovation, & cost-effectiveness. A company that stands out due to we will prioritize high-quality products/services that consistently exceed customer expectations.
• I have spoke with more than 100 future clients, not including research and being part of the WIC Program plus having a near by store. • Factors I see price, quality, choice and convenience. • The market is unnumbered. The fiscal year 2022, there were 31,001 participants served by Michigan's WIC program, including 236,595 children and 84,406 pregnant and postpartum people, according to state health department data. Not including 2023 as we are doubling the growth of those in need of such a great service. • Also you don't just have to be part of the WIC program this is also creating a safe place Living near your local shops is a fantastic way to build and strengthen your local community, discover new places and things, make eco-friendly choices, test out products and even build relationships with your neighbors. • Lasty it will improve health outcomes, increase employment opportunities, spur economic development, and create access to opportunity for our residents. We are the impact for a better future. This won't just change those life but mines too and my two boys.
What I'll do with $5,000
What will I do . It will open doors for me towards opening a small local store. Getting a first-time business loan can be difficult for startups because lenders often want to see strong revenue, credit history and time in business. This is what I want to use it for and one open door can lead to many more.
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