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July 22, 2024 11:59 am

About this idea
I’ve created a podcast called Smokers Daily. On this podcast I educate troubled millennials on life topics and give spiritual insight. With this podcast I also offer affiliate marketing for cannabis companies and courses. My idea is to sell my courses at dispensaries. The courses will come in “cannabis themed packaging” these course will target troubled millennials and educate them in finances and life skills. In addition I will have an affiliate program called “course correct” this will be marketed to inmates through jpay in the form of a re-entry program. The key link to troubled millennials are “legal troubles” thus my courses will help lower the crime rates and create stronger urban communities. As for the troubled millennials that aren’t incarcerated. I understand that 2/3 are likely to be reincarnated due to a lack of education and life skills. The affiliate program “course correct” will allow them to sell my courses and earn an income. They will have the ability to pay a monthly subscription of $83.33 or annual fee of $1,250.00 to get into the affiliate program. With this fee they will be offered special events that range in coaching sessions, networking opportunities & one on one video consultations. For each course they sell starting at $150 each they will receive 15% commission. I am also offering a “cheat sheet sales incentive”. This will allow each affiliate to receive bonus sales through their Affiliate ID’s being cycled through each “in store course transaction”. This means that when the affiliate market’s online, if a customer became interested in buying a course and presented their affiliate ID # at the dispensary for purchase. The affiliate would qualify to get a bonus commission. Affiliates will need to make a minimum of $50 to receive their monthly payouts.
Who will benefit the most from my idea are troubled millennials with past or prior legal issues.
What I'll do with $5,000
With the $ 5,000 I plan to spend $2,000 on equipment and prompts. $1,000 on my website and landing page. Lastly $2,000 for marketing and creating my affiliate program. With the affiliate program a portion of the $2,000 will also go towards wages to hire employees with specialized skills that will help build an app. The app will also give an overview of the podcast episodes and courses available. With creating this app it will help with collecting customer data. This data will be used to create targeted ads to sell smokers daily merch and accessories.
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