5×5 Night-ON THE ROAD at Downtown Market- FOOD BUSINESSES
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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
I want to create stunning videos that display business' and organizations' uniqueness; their personality, culture, and story. I believe the people and story behind the business or organization is what makes it special, and that is what I am determined to bring to light. Many marketing companies today are focused on money, quick results, and numbers. They have lost the art of truly connecting with people, which leaves high quality but impersonal product in the hands of dispirited clients. I want to get to know a business or organization; the owners, staff, and everyone involved. I want to hear the story of how it began, where they want to take it, and how they are doing now. I want to know the ins and outs so that the content created for them is unlike any other- because it crafted for no other. Amber Modena Creative's mission statement is to "promote businesses’ and organizations’ uniqueness through the crafting of distinct creative content." This is beginning to become a reality, but there is much more to come. To move forward with this dream, I need more experience and better equipment.
I want businesses and organizations to come to me for a video because they have seen how profoundly impactful others' are. They will want a videographer and designer who sees them to put their true nature on display, highlighting what makes them special. I believe businesses and organizations will be touched by the relationality of my interactions with them and the genuineness of the product received. This will spark life in the dream for their business or organization again, causing them to see their own value in a new way. I believe that viewers will not only see but feel the video they are watching and not only become fans or customers, but loyal supporters of the business, organization, or cause.
What I'll do with $5,000
I have had videos in my mind since I was a little girl. To create these, I need to learn animation and further my videography skills. Taking high-quality classes and getting better equipment is the first step. I am using everything I can now, which is essentially just my iPhone and some cheap mics from Amazon. My DSLR broke and I have to buy a new one, which is going to cost me more than I have in my bank account. With $5,000, I will buy a camera (I am looking at the Canon EOS RP slated at $1200+) which can produce great videos and photos. I will invest in lessons or classes to help me with animation and design, and I will gather other resources needed to create high quality results (microphones, lighting, music, etc.).
About Amber Modena

I love God, I love people, and I love adventure. I learn from what goes on around me and try to soak in as much as possible. Traveling the world and meeting people from various places is fulfilling for me and I look forward to continuing to do that in the future.

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