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July 22, 2024 11:59 am

About this idea
Sometimes, we don’t release our heart’s desires into the universe because we focus on "what if it doesn’t work?" Well, I am intentionally focusing on "what if it does work?" For many years, I desired to learn the art of DJing on vinyl. In early 2021, with the help of an experienced DJ mentor (DJ James B), research, and practice, I became a DJ, DJ Della Soul. When I commit to doing something, I do not allow myself to quit, only to re-work the idea in order to make it better. I fell in love with vinyl during the process of learning to DJ and began collecting records in April 2021. Additionally, as a child, my father was a collector of vinyl. I remember weekend evenings vividly in the 1980s. My father would sit in his favorite chair, with a cocktail, and dimmed lights. He would listen to his records and sing along. My daddy was happy and content. Those records brought him so much joy. He was in a beautiful zone surrounded by music. My father transitioned in 2008; however, those moments serve as beautiful memories. Record stores are a dope vibe. The stories behind the brick and mortar. The people. The music. The decor. The feeling I get when I enter one and dig through the crates. The love I receive when I visit one. The good energy, the good vibes. Pure magic! I am chasing after this dream of owning a quirky, quaint, eccentric, and colorful record store at age 48 and I plan to catch it! Growing up, Crazy Larry’s and Believe In Music were my go to music stores in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. I loved the feeling I got when walking through the aisles and combing through the music racks, as well as meeting up with friends while there. Record stores are a community hub, a place to buy vinyl and unique gifts, and a space to enjoy intimate listening sessions with local artists. I look forward to bringing the community a place to celebrate music, culture, Blackness, vinyl, light, love, and energy. Vinyl prices at Della Soul Records will be affordable and competitive with other industry retailers, and the varying genres of music that will be available will provide something for everyone.
Della Soul Records is for the people. Music is the universal language of light and love. Music connects us. Music allows us to relax, unwind, exist, and just be. Music is healing and brings people together. I would like to create a space for vinyl record enthusiasts to connect, buy records, and enjoy time and space. Each month a special feature will be hosted at the pop up event (live music, a DJ, poets, and other artists and creatives) as each attendee unwinds and vibes to music. Launch date is April 15, 2023.
What I'll do with $5,000
Purchasing new vinyl records from wholesalers for resale. $1500 Purchasing used vinyl records from sellers. $500 The 2023 calendar year will consist of monthly popup events. Money will be used to pay for overhead costs (rental space). $1500 Purchasing cultural merchandise wholesale for resale. $750 Purchasing snacks for the grand opening on April 15. $250 Purchasing DJ services for the grand opening event. $500 Thank you for considering Della Soul Records for this opportunity. I am looking forward to bringing the community a beautiful space to connect.
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