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Mindset Meals

Mindset Meals

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This idea was a winner! Eric T Freeman was awarded $5,000 in June 2019

About Idea

From unfortunate circumstances that occurred when I was a young adult, I was in a negative mindset, unhealthy and overweight for the majority of my 20’s. Things needed to change so I became much more health conscious. That transitioned into losing 40 pounds and being in a much clearer and positive Mindset. 

The juicy details are…    We are more than just a meal prep service!
We are starting a Mindset Movement. We are in the process of starting a podcast to educate our customers, how important Mindset is. Our Chef will be conducting Corporate Lunch & Learns where she will prepare a meal and remind people in the corporate setting about healthy lifestyles choices on their lunch. Our ultimate goal is to have a Mentoring Program and to provide our mentorees with healthy meals.

Our mission isn’t just to provide delicious ready to eat meals, we will assist our customers on a journey to THEIR best Mindset.


Our team all have similar journeys. We weren’t the best people we could be, once we started paying more attention to what we were eating that’s when things started to snowball into a healthier lifestyle and a much better Mindset, thus Mindset Meals was born.

Mindset Meals will assist individuals who want to live a healthier lifestyle and build positive Mindset by delivering healthy ready to eat meals directly to our customers.

What I Will Do With $5,000


Pay for the first 2 months rent PrepSpace   $2000
Videos & Photos   $1500
Complete the Website   $1500

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About Eric Freeman

I believe that adversity will crumble you OR be the foundation for your success. ~It's All About Mindset

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